Muster Rolls, Soldiers and Loyalists, 12 June 1784

Muster Rolls of the following Disbanded Officers, Discharged & Disbanded Soldiers and other Loyalists with their respective families that are now settled and preparing to settle at the Island of Saint John, taken by order of Maj. Gen'l Campbell at Charlotte Town the 12th June 1784.

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MenWomenChild10+Child-10ServantsSituation of Land Granted
How Held
To what time had
drawn Provisions
General Remarks
Fencible RegtGeo BurnesCaptain112 2Stukely, St. Peters Bay20,000 Grant from His Majesty48none since 24 Oct 1783Has made extensive improvements
Fencible RegtJohn AppsPrivate1    Wheatley River, Lot 24100d.o.38d.o. 
Fencible RegtTho's Bigginsd.o.1    Belfast Village, Lot 57100d.o.36d.o. 
54th Reg.Kenneth McKenzied.o.1    Wheatley River, Lot 24 d.o.22Discharged 21 Mar last 
54th Reg.Will'm Johnstond.o.1    Belfast Village, Lot 57 d.o.27d.o. 
54th Reg.Jas Skinnerd.o.1    Belfast Village, Lot 57 d.o.25d.o. 
71st Reg.Alex McDonaldSerg't1    Bedford Bay d.o.28none since 23 MarchHalifax
LoyalistWill Robins 1    Bedeque Bay d.o.60up to 20th April last at ShelbourneA Refugee who lost considerable
property in the Jerseys where he has
sent for his family and remains
on this Island
LoyalistJohn Dutcher 1    East Point, Lot 47 d.o.30Cannot be ascertained until a
certificate is procured
A Refugee from New York certified
to receive Provisions weekly
until Certificate produced
 John Taylor 1    York River, Lot 32 d.o.22none since 10 Nov 1783Refugee from South Carolina
 John Duke 1    d.o. d.o.20d.o.d.o.
 Sarah Turner  1   Charlotte Town d.o.40noneleft Boston in the year 1781
 Magdalen Turner  1   Charlotte Town d.o.20d.o.left Boston in the year 1781
 John Youngman 1    Charlotte Town d.o.43d.o.Carpenter in Charlotte Town
left New England prior to the late
Rebellion not certified
 Alex McMillin 11   Elliott River, Lot 65 d.o.38d.o.was a Captain in the K. O. Rangers
claims lands as a Refugee and
intends settling not certified
 Ann Love  1   Charlotte Town d.o.45d.o.a poor woman from New
England in 1780
 Jas Tomlinson 1    Elliott River d.o.18d.o.a Disbanded soldier's son
and a refugee himself

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