Address to Governor Fanning, 1804

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Submitted by Kevin Wisener -


To His Excellency Edmund Fanning, L. L. D. Lieutenant General of the Army, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesty's Island Prince Edward, and the Territories adjacent thereunto, Chancellor and Vice Admiral of the same, &. &. &.


WE His Majesty's Dutiful and Loyal Subjects the Inhabitants of Charlotte Town and Queen's County, having with deep regret been acquainted with his Majesty's appointment of a successor to your Excellency, in the Government of this Island, cannot but avail ourselves of this early opportunity, to present you with the tribute of our sincere acknowledgements for all the happiness and satisfaction we have enjoyed under your Excellency's mild and equitable administration. We, therefore, beg leave to assure your Excellency, we are as much above using flattery as you are above accepting it. But when we look back on the period of eighteen years, during which time your Excellency has wielded the sword which was committed to your hand with so much justice to the interest of the Crown, and the good of the Subject, we cannot entertain the idea of your retiring from us without lamenting that event. We are experimentally convinced that your Excellency has uniformly had in view, the honor of His Majesty's Government, the maintenance of Religion, and the general welfare of the Island. One satisfaction, however, we participate with your Excellency …. all faction has hid its head … you leave the Government here free from discontent, and the people at large in a condition of prosperity, far superior to any expectation when your Excellency assumed it. This state of the Colony we ascribe under Divine Providence to that temper of wisdom and moderation which has invariably directed your public conduct; and conscious that you has exerted yourself in all points to encourage amongst us, loyalty to our King and harmony amongst ourselves; we at present take our leave, earnestly beseeching your Excellency to lay us at his Majesty's feet as subjects devoted to his Royal Person, Family and Government, representing us in such a Character, as your Excellency's long residence amongst us has given you opportunity of knowing.

Thomas Hyde, Wm. Lusk, William Lawson, Alex McDonald,
George Wright, John Wilson, Wm. Bremner, Angus Curry,
W. Clark, J. B. Palmer, Theos. Chappell, Donald McMillan,
Jno. Brecken, Robert Gray, Saml. Bagnall, jun. William Morris,
Robt. Hodgson, John McDonald, Angus McAulay, John Costin,
Ralph Brecken, John Howell, Robt. Stewart, George Hayden,
Benjamin Coffin, Elisha Coffin, Joseph Beers, John Hayley,
Hugh McCacharn, William Hyde, William Irving, J. McDonald, Sen.
John McCacharn, William Wood, William Young, Richard Wisener,
P. Macgowan, Francis Hyde, Thomas Mallish, John McLoud,
Peter Stewart, Joseph Smith, William Keughain, Richard Myers,
B. De St. Croix, William Bearsto, John McKinnis, Peter Bollom,
Alex Howe, Thomas Alexander, Peter Munch, George Jenkins,
Benj. Chappell, Joseph Robertson, Alexander Curry, Nicholas Jenkins,
C. Stewart, Benj. Evans, Donald Fraser, Spencer Crane,
James Williams, W. Townshend, Duncan Curry, John Clark,
Theop. Desbrisay, Thos Desbrisay, jun. Cornelius Curry, Charles Page,
Thos. DesBrisay, Colin McDonald, Roderic McIsaac, Nathl. MacDonneill,
Francis Longworth, James Curtis, James Curry, James McDonniell,
J. Webster, John J. Stowe, Donald McIsaac, Robert Fox,
Joseph Coffin, Stephen Boyer, Angus McDonald, John McDonald,

Charlotte-Town, Aug. 12, 1804

Source: Royal Herald, January 19, 1805, p. 3. Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island.

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