Unclaimed Letters, 1805

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Submitted by Kevin Wisener - wisegen1@rogers.com

Source: The Royal Herald; February 16, 1805

Description: One of the earlier advertisements placed by Post Master Benjamin Chappell to alert readers of mail being held at the Post Office. Where names are repeated, it is likely that there are two pieces of mail for them.

List of Letters

Remaining in the Post Office, Charlotte Town, Jan. 19, 1805

Angus McKathern
James William
James Stewart
John Gaxton (middle two letters are blurred)
John McDonald
Alex. McDonald, Schoolmaster
Donald Gardner
John McDonald
F. Stewart
William Lucas
John McFarling
John McFarling
John Taylor
Alex. MacDonald
Jas. McDonald
Malcum Shaw

Benjamin Chappell, P. M.

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