P.E.I. Commision of the Peace, 1820.

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From the Prince Edward Island Gazette, March 18, 1820, Page 3.

His Excellency the Lieut. Governor has been pleased to name a new Commission of the Peace, which passed the Seal, on the12th of the present Month, as follows:

The Hon. Thomas Tremlett, Ch. Justice

Hon. Robert Gray, Assistant Judge

Hon George Wright, Custos Rot.

Hon. William Pleace

Hon. Ambrose Lane

William Johnston, Atty. General

Cornelius Higgins, Township No. 34

Charles Stewart, Prince Town

William McKie, Bay Fortune

William Douglass, Township No. 33

John Fredk. Holland, Charlotte-Town

Benj. De St. Croix, Charlotte-Town

CharlesWorrell, St. Peters

William Bowley, Township No. 47

James Townsend, New London

Richard Rollings, Township No. 24

Sampson Rose, Township No. 47

Donald Campbell, Township No. 16

James Lewis Hayden, Township No. 50

Elisha Coffin, Savage Harbour

James Anderson, St. Peters

Major Hooper, Bedeque

Samuel Green, Township No. 17

William McKay, New London

Fade Goff, Coroner, Charlotte-Town

Francis Longworth, Charlotte-Town

Alexander Campbell, Bedeque

William Farquaharson, Township No. 48

Phillips M. Callbeck, Tryon

Benjamin Coffin, Savage Harbour

John Ramsay, Township No. 13

James Irving, Cape Traverse

James Jackson, Township No. 37

Richard Yates, Township No. 18

Angus McAulay, Point Prim

Thomas H. Haviland, Charlotte-Town

Donald McKay, Charlotte-Town

John Large, Township No. 11

Henry Yonge, Township No. 42

Cecil W. Townsend, Charlotte-Town

John Murray, Charlotte-Town

John Ed. Carmichael, Charlotte-Town

Arthur Owen, Lewis Town

William E. Cormack, Township No. 23

James Richards, Murray Harbour

Thomas B. Chanter, Township No. 12


By His Excellency's Command,

J. E. Carmichael

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