List Of Persons Licenced to Retail Spirituous Liquors, For the Year commencing July 1, 1824

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

As printed in the P. E. I. Register, August 7, 1824

July 1, 1824

Public Announcement

List Of Persons Licenced to Retail Spirituous Liquors, For the Year commencing July 1, 1824:



John McArthy,

Dennis Reddin,

John McGill,

J. W. James,

Ralph Thompson,

Nathan Davies.


Sims & Son, Prince Edward Hotel,
John Howell, Wellington Hotel,
James Jones, Commercial Inn,
James Down, Lord Exmouth,
Simon Dodd, Ship Inn,
Mary Rankin, Thistle Tavern,
Hector McLean & Co., Thistle Inn,
Colin McLaughlan, New Inn,
James Campbell,
Charles Dempsey, Plymouth Inn,
Nicholas Marquand, Guernsey Hotel,
Thomas Fitzgibbon, Carpenter's Arms,
Donald McEachran, Royal Oak,
Hector Rankin, Highland Tavern,
James Mooney, Swan,
Joseph Pippy, Shipwright's Arms,
Mary Rielly,
Michael O'Brien, Crown & Harp,
Henry Collings, Traveller's Friend,
Thomas Collins,
Thomas Alexander, Caledonian Inn,
John Mathieson,
Andrew Duncan,
James Coles, Light Horse.


Thomas Thornton, Cottage Inn, St. Peter's Road, C. T. R. [Charlotte-Town Royalty]
James Weldon, Hope Tavern, do. do.
John Amm, do. do.
William Higgins, Bridge Inn, do. do.
Conrad Vickerson, do. do. Lot 34,
Peter Farquharson, Caledonian Inn, Lot 37,
James Ferguson, New Inn, do. do.,
Andrew Coffin, Windsor Farm, Do. Lot 37,
Thomas Hickey, Wellington Inn, Do. Lot 36,
James Jardine, Do. Lot 37,
Wm. Mudge, Ferryman, Lot 48,
Donald Stewart, Cross Roads, Lot 48,
John Whaling, Tea Hill, Lot 49,
H & N Jenkins, Black Bull, Lot 49,
Thomas Mutlow, New Inn, do.
Roderick McKenzie, do.,
Hannibal Murch, (STORE) do.
John McIntyre, Lot 50,
Alexr. Johnston, Prince-Town Road, Lot 21,
Thos. Gardner, Ferryman, Hunter's River.


John Wightman, Ferryman, St. Andrew's Point,
Daniel Flynn, Carrick Castle, Bay Fortune,
Robert Banks,
John McKenzie, St. Peter's Bay, Lot 41,
James Aitken, do. do.
John Campion, Savage Harbour,
John McCollum, Bay Fortune (STORE)


David Walker, Lot 19,
Ann Smith, Ship & Plough, Margate, Lot 19,
Malcolm Ramsey, Lot 18,
James Trueguard, Malpeque Capes,
William Watts, Bedeque,
Thomas Burnard & Co., Lot 13 (STORE),
Terence Webster, Tryon River,
Gilbert Ormsby, Fish Island, Richmond Bay,

G. S. Smith, Private Secretary.

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