Unclaimed Letters, 1824

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Post Office: 1824

From the January 8, 1825, Prince Edward Island Register, Charlotte-Town.

December 28, 1824.

The following List of Letters are in the [Post] Office, and have been there for some time, and if not called for by the 15th February 1825, they will be returned to Halifax, as dead or refused Letters.

(Some of the "s"es are printed as "f" in the newspaper, but I have not followed this.)

B: Benj. Bishop, Robert Bishop, John Barron, Edmund Boyle, William Brennan.

C: Bridget Cary, Charles Classon, Danl. Connery, Donald Curry, Jane McCardel, John Collins,

Revd. Marus Cranin, Wm. Curtis, Stephen Carrier, Wm. Casement, Patt. Costelo.["Coftelo"..]

D: Allen McDonald, 3, Hugh Dunn, Rev. Angus McDonald, Wm. Doyle, John McDonald, 2, James Dwire, Donald McDonald, Nich. Dixon, Martin Denison, Ronald McDonald.

E: Patrick Ennis.

F: Darby Flinn, Michael Flood, John McFarlane, John Fraser, William Foster.

G: Thomas Gorman, Alexr. McGraw. Mrs. Geot or Scott, John Goodwin.

H: Danl. Hurlys, Helen Henderson, John Hennesy, Richard Hamilton, Johanna Harney, James Hain.

J: Thomas Johnson.

K: Chas. McKinnon, Lau. McKinnon.

L: Colin Livingston, James Laird, Kenneth McLeod, William Large, William Lock.

M: Anthony Malady, John Meehan, John Murry, 3, John McMillan, James Moore, John Mulcahy, William Malone.

N: David Nonan, Michael Nash, Malcolm McNeill, Martin Newell, Valentine Needham.

P: John H. Pollock, John McPherson, Martin Power, Peter Peters, Thomas Pitman.

R: Robert Robertson.

S: Charles Serani, Charles Scales, George Shaw, Henry Swan, Michael Sullivan, William Sealy.

T: Donald McTeale, John Tuplin, William Tendels.

W: Andrew Weals, Joseph Whitfield, Joseph Wyat, John Wall, Edmund White, Mrs. White, 2, William Weeks, William Walsh, Robt. Wall Whitefield.

Lot 49: Denis Mahony, John Moore.

Belfast and Wood Islands ["Belfaft and Wood Iflands."] Colin McEachren, Pat. Robertson, Michael Loughman, Donald Taylor, Alexr. McMullen, Mal. McMullen.

New London: Charles Doyle, Wm. Pickering.

Malpeque, Grand River, Cascumpeque: Patt. Blanchen Dennis Birch, Thos. Barbour, William Carew, Francis Blaney, John McDonald, Angus McDonald, Peter Gillis, John Goodwin, John McIsaac, William McKenzie, Geo. Lumsden, Niel McNeil(?), Gilbert Ormsby, James Sullivan, Joshua Smallman, W. Summers, Widow J. McNeil.

Bideford Ship Yard: John Ford, Thos. Gorman, George Laramy, Henry Williams.

Bedeque: Charles Blood, Daniel Byrnie, Joseph Blackstock, Mickle O"Brien, Alex. Campbell, 2, John Clay, John Darton 2, Patrick O"Neil, Solomon Desbrisay, 3, John Tucker, Donald McDonald, Daniel McFarlane, Miss Ann McFarling, John Jackman 4. Patrick O"Rielly, 7 mile Bay; Donald Manson, Tryon River; John Inman, Crapaud; John Campbell, Canoe Cove;

Scotch Fort: Donald McRae, Hugh McRae.

Tracadie: Jno. McDonald, jun., Jas. McCarty, Donald McGilvray ["McOilvray".]

St. Peters: John Gilles, John Malony.

Savage Harbor: Donald McEachren, John McAskil

Bay Fortune: Thos. Bell, Richd. Clark, Charles Morrell, Robert Swallow, Messrs. Rosman, Laman & Charles Chlasson [Chlaffon] & Co.

Donald Conery, Lot 42.

Alexr. McDonald, Lot 44,

Angus McDonald, Lot 47,

Angus McDonald,

Donald McDonald,

Lewis McDonald, Lot 44,

Patt Kavanagh,2.

East Point: Edward Murphy, William McMahon, Bartholomist [Batholomift] Piquet.

John McPhee, Lot 45.

Three Rivers: Angus Currie, 2, Archd. Campbell, John Campbell, Wm. Crawford, Peter Dunn, James McIntyre, Archd. McLellan, John Morrison, John Piggott, James Ridgeway, 3.

BENJ. CHAPPELL, Post Master..

or Richard Chappell.

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