Fence Viewers and Constable List, P.E.I. - 1826

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From the Prince Edward Island Royal Gazette, 1826.

Hilary Term 1822

The Honourable the Justices of His Majesty's Supreme Court of Judicature, have been pleased to appoint the following Persons to be Fence Viewers and Constables of the different Districts annexed to their Names for the ensuing Year.
Fence Viewers Constables
Ralph Thompson Hector McEachen
H. M. Williams William Davison
Peter Stewart
Samuel Collings
John McKay
Wm. Tanton
Andrew Duncan
Donald Livingston
Alexander Ross
Hector McEachern
Lots 34 & 35
August. Mcdonald Alex. McGilvray
John Bulman Dond. McDonald
Head of Hillsborough River
William Gillis John McDonald
John Smallwood (Angus's son)
Donald McKinnon
Savage Harbour
Allan McIntyre Andrew Coffin, jn.
Andrew Coffin Jn. McEachern, jn.
St. Peters
Jas. McEwen Archd McDonald
(Allan's son)
John McDonald Edwd. Webster
Lots 41 & 42
John McDonald John Anderson
Fox River John McKinnon
Rodk. McKinnon (Donald's son)
Lots 43, 44 & 45
Angus Gillis John McCormack
Rond. McDonald Angus McDonald
Lots 46 & 47
Alexr. Beaton Rodk. McDonald
Chars. McLean Dond. Beaton, Jun.
Bay Fortune
Isaac Newton Joseph Dingwell
Alex. Dingwell John Aitken
Boughton Bay
Angus McDonald Jacob Taylor, Jun.
Archd. Steel Don. McDonald, senr.
Launching Place and Cardigan River
Rodk. McDonald John McCormack
Angus McCormack (Angus's son)
John Walker
Three Rivers
Willm. Dickson Joseph B. Creed
George Aitken, sen. Donald Gorden
Murray Harbour
David Irving Jacob Sencabaugh
Giles Hawkins, sen. Henry Marquand
Lot 63
John McKay John Sensebaugh
Alex. McKenzie William Miller
Cape Bear and Wood Islands
James McMillan Malcolm McMillan
Bell Creek and Flat River
Donald Gillis Niel Morrison
Angus Beaton Donald Ross
Point Prim and Belfast
Alexr. Stewart Alexr. Martin
Charles McKinnon Orwell
Neil Murchison
Lot 50
James Hayden John Masters
Henry Musick John Musick
Lot 49
John Acorn, Sen. Wm. Jetson, Jun.
Robert Jones George Acorn
Lot 48
Duncan Kennedy John Hood
Alexr. Mutch Donald Stewart
West River and Dog River
John Hyde William Cook
Duncan McEwen John McKie
Saml. McEachern James Hyde
Crapaud and De Sable
John McKinnon George Wigginton
Willm. Lowther Donald Ferguson
Thomas Carr Michael Ireland
Tryon River
John Gouldrup William Lord
John Kirwan William Howatt
Augustine Cove and Cape Traverse
John McFadyen Geo. Muttart, Jun.
Lewis Muttart John Clark
Elisha Hooper David Murray
Isaac Schureman (son of Wm. Murray)
William Craig
Joseph Barker
Lots 17 & 19
Samuel Green Hugh Smith
George Green Anthony Craswell
Lot 16
James Ramsay Hugh McDonald
William Campbell Hector McLean
Lot 15
Baptist Arseneaux Simon Le Coin
Fermin Gallant Peter Gallant
Lots 14, 13, 12, and 11
John Gillis Lauchlin Gillis
Neil McKinnon James McKinnon
Cascumpeque, Kildare, and Tignish
Fidele Chiasson Fidele Poirier
Peter Poirier Peter Chiasson
Robert Hardy Mark Coady
Prince Town
George Bearstoe John Coughlan
George Owen Jn. Thompson, Jun.
Darnly Basin
Edward McKay Peter Morrison
Peter McNutt Robert Kennedy
Indian River
Willm. Wallace Willm. Hickey
Ma'lm McKindrick Dugald Ramsay
New London
John McEwen Duncan McIntire
James Campbell David Bernard
James Simpson John Grimes
Willm. Clark Jeremiah Simpson
Grand Rustico
Andrew Gallant Chas. Gallant, Jun.
Isaac Middleton Charles Blatch
New Glasgow
John Park James Sample
Brackley Point
Duncan McAllum John Stewart, Jun.
James Stewart Donald McMillan
Chars. McDonald C. McDonald, Jun.
Vincent Bell Willm. Sutherland
Cove Head
David Lawson William Higgins
Cornelius Higgins Jas. Curtis Lawson
North River
Christian Boisner Daniel Kehoe
William Warren George Younker
Malpeque Road
Neil McKinnon, Angus McKinnon
New Bristol, Colville and Rollo Bay
Joseph Burke, Sen. James McRae
John Chiasson Francis Chevarie

The Justices of the Peace in whose neighbourhood the above named Persons reside, are requested to take the earliest opportunity of administering to them the necessary Oaths as Fence Viewers and Constables, and give them a Certificate thereof.

By Order


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