Fence Viewers and Constable List, P.E.I. - 1835

The following transcriptions courtesy of Kevin Wisener - wisegen1@rogers.com

From the Royal Gazette, February 3, 1835, Page 4 - Partial Transcription

Hilary Term, 1835.

The Honourable the Justices of His Majesty's Supreme Court of Judicature have been pleased to appoint the following Persons Fence Viewers and Constables for Queen's and King's Counties, for the present Year.
Fence Viewers Constables
Charlotte Town Donald McDonald John Hawkins
& Royalty Andrew Duncan George Weldon
Napolean Le Page Robert Hill
Hector McKinnon Hugh Logan
Richard Faught Archibald Clark
Sampson Simmonds John O'Brien
William Wriston
John Davies
George Chudleigh
Charles Blatch
James Marshall
Hector McEachen
Robert Boyle
Angus McPhee
Lots 34 and 35, Richard Goff Alexander McGregor
Mungo McFarlane Alexander Stewart
Head of Lawrence C. Worthy George Jackson, Sen.
Hillsborough River Angus McKenzie John Campion
Henry Feehan
Savage Harbour Donald McDonald, John McIntyre
Spring Field. Patrick Bambrick
Benj. Coffin, Sen.
Saint Peters John Jardine Edward Webster
James Anderson John McKenzie
Lots 41 and 42 John Robertson, Sen. Archibald O'Henly
Roderick McIntyre David Anderson
Lot 49 Theophilus Wood Malcolm McGrath
Tobias Cody Robert Burhoe
Lot 50 David Irving Charles Wisener
Robert Dodd John Fletcher
Orwell John Nicholson Alexander Anderson
Neil McLeod John Gillis
Newton and Belfast Kenneth Martin Andrew Smith
John McTavish John Roach
Point Prim Donald Martin John Gillis
Hector McDonald Donald McLeod
Flat River Roderick Morrison Angus Beaton
Peter Beaton John McKenzie
Belle Creek Angus Bell Alexander Stewart
Donald Stewart Neil Nicholson
Wood Islands Malcolm Morrison Angus McIsaac
Peter Emery Duncan McWilliams
Georgetown & John Kearney Thomas Bourke
Royalty Robert Mearns James Robertson
Lots 51, 52, & 66 Donald McDonald James Stewart
Duncan Stewart William Duncan

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