Unclaimed Letters, 1835

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Submitted by Catherine Warburton - sassycj@prodigy.net

Royal Gazette

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office, 5th October, 1835

John Andrews Ann McGregor
John McAlice Boden Gardiner
John Alexander John Hynes
James Barr John Hiscock
Andrew Bent John Haly
John Boyle, 2 H. Houston
James Butler Patrick Henesy
Thomas Barrett Thomas Hally
Thomas Bene John McIntyre
John Barrett Bernard Jennings
Mr.Coulstand Hector Johnston
John Cradock John Kennedy
Eliza Claney Mrs. Keane
Francis Conely John Long
Duncan Campbell Kenneth McLean
William Cranston William Lawson
Daniel McCarty Ewen McMillan
Patrick Clark John Morrisay
Alex. McDonald Thos. Millen
Thomas Daly John McCarty
James McDonald John Pye, 2
James Doull Patrick Quirk
Martin Dwyre Catherine Rosder
James Doyle Capt. Rodd
Thomas Doyle, 2 Michael Rogers
William Dempsey John Ross
James Dumphey Philip Realy
John McDonald Charles Stewart, 2
Jeremiah Enman Niel Stewart, 2
John Evay James or Francis Wright
Patrick Fitzgerald  

E. Chappell, P.M.

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