Unclaimed Letters, 1836

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Submitted by Catherine Warburton - sassycj@prodigy.net

Royal Gazette, July 12 1836, Pg. 3

List of unclaimed Letters remaining in the Post Office, Charlottetown, 5th July , 1836

Catherine Bull John Barthewin
John Burnett Patrick Busher
James Banks Donald McBeth
James Bonne John Boyle
Alex. Campbell Patrick Cleaton
Patrick Carrol, 2 John Creigh
Neil McCondle Mary Clark
Michael Colaghan Neil Campbell
Mary Cummins John Coalbourt
Thomas Daly Sebastian Davidson
Neil Macdonald Daniel Macdonald
William Donkin Patrick Donohow
Patrick Duffy Mrs. Derrick
Moses Dickson Richard Davy
Michael Eagan Donald Fraser
James H. Fitzgerald Duncan Macgregor
James Gillespie Capt. Hubbard, 2
William Hughs, 2 R. Holaday
A. Houston Michael McInnis
Peter Jennings Laichlin McKay
Jasper Keable Norman McKenzie
Donald McKinnon Moses Keough
William Low John Miller
John Mayher John McMahon
James May Malcolm McNeill
W. Newson Richard Nay
James Penward John B. McPherson
Barnard Shannon John Shaw
Robert Sample P.O.Sullivan
Thomas Taylor Hugh McVarrish
James Wadman, 2 James Weatherby
Archibald Wight Alexander Waugh

E. Chappell, P.M.

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