The Building of Parochial House, St Mary's Church, Indian River, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island - 1838

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The original copy of this document is in the posession of Donald S. MacLellan, Indian River, PEI.

Building of Parochial House, St Mary's Church, Indian River, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island.

Agreement Between Committee And Michael McDonald - 1838:

Memorandum of an agreement made and entered into this the twenty-third day of July in the year of Our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight (between) Archibald McLellan, Neil Morrison, Donald McMullin, Alexander McKinnon, Thomas Barrett, John Duggan and Alexander McNeill. Being a committee appointed (by the Right Reverend Bernard D. McDonald) to erect a parochial house on Lot or Township Number Eighteen of the first part, and Michael McDonald, of Lot or Township Number Sixty-seven of Queens County of the Island Prince Edward of the other part as follows that the said Michael McDonald doth hereby bind himself with Angus McDonald and Edward Moynagh to weather boarding, corner casings to be plasters water tables to be plain material round the corners, plain window cases and frames and article sashes, with stops and slips, back moulding on the window frames with copa (the front door and frame to be left to the Right Reverend B. D. McDonald's direction as to the finishing of the said door ----------------------------------- and one light high over it. Plain casings with back moulding and cap the eve of said house to be ceiled under and to be rotturned to the corners with two brackets at each corner and mouldings under each eve at the sides of the house and the gable ends to be boarded under the roof and the weather boards to be butted against ceiling and the large boards to be run on top of the weather boards and a moulding to be beaded on and a board to be returned against the singles and to give the outside of this work one coat of paint; and to glaze the windows of the said house and the same to be done in a workmanship like manner and the same to be inspected by two disinterested joiners or house carpenters. For and in consideration of the said above named Committee paying or caused to be paid to Michael McDonald on his order or agent the sum of thirty pounds currency of the Island to be paid (as follows) the sum of six pounds cash and the balance to be paid in merchantable grain at the following prices: wheat at seven shillings four, bushel barley three shillings and sixpence, oats at two shillings.

Next and if the said Michael McDonald should want any other thing or things such as provisions or wool and the wool to be two shillings per pound, butter one shilling per pound, and the said grain to be delivered at his own dwelling house and the said committee is to fund the said Michael McDonald in all materials, such as lumber, nails, paint, oil, putty, and any other materials he shall want to finish the said agreement.

And it is to be considered that the said Contract or Agreement is to be completed on, or before the tenth day of November next. The party failing paying the party performing the sum of sixty pounds currency of this Island.

William H. MacKenzie
John Hickey

Michael MacDonald (his mark)

Arch McLellan
Neil Morrison
Alex'dr McKinnon
Donald MacMullin ( his mark)
John Duggan
E. Moynagh
Thomas Barrett

We the undersigned are security for Michael McDonald for the fulfillment of the written agreement.

Edward Moynagh
Angus MacDonald (his mark)

Indian River Church.....1842

From The Islander, April 7, 1843.

THE SUBSCRIBER will receive TENDERS until the 20th of April next, for building a new CHAPEL, at Indian River, 90 by 50 feet, 36 feet posts, Tower 20 feet square. Fraiming(?), rough boarding and shingling the Roof in one contract. Clapboarding, and finishing the whole outside, in another contract. All the materials are on the spot. Plans and Specification to be seen at the Subscriber's House.

Ample security will be required for the due performance of each contract.


Indian River, March 28th, 1843.

The Islander, June 30, 1843. Com. [Communicated.]

On Tuesday, the 20th inst, the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of Indian River Catholic Chapel, was performed by the Right Rev. B. D. McDonald. The Clergymen present were the Rev. Sylvanus Perry, Rev. C. Meville, Rev. James McDonald, Rev. Peter McIntyre.

After a solemn High Mass, sung by Rev. Mr. Perry, his Lordship pronounced, to a numerous and attentive auditory, a very eloquent and pathetic discourse. On the occasion a collection was made, which, under circumstances so unfavourable, was characteristic of their well known Christian liberality, and expressive of their ardent desire for the completion of the undertaking.

This will be the largest House of Worship (90 by 50, with the tower 88 feet from the base) ever yet erected on this Island for the service of God. It reflects the highest credit on the parishioners of Indian River - it is emblematic of their progress in virtue and morality, and will tell to a grateful posterity the untiring zeal and persevering industry of their pious forefathers.

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