Fence Viewers and Constable List, P.E.I. - 1840

The following transcriptions courtesy of Roxanne Moos - rmoos@home.com

From the Prince Edward Island Royal Gazette, Jan 28, 1840, Page 3 (Partial)

Queen's Country - Hilary Term, 1840.

The Honourable the Justices of Her Majesty Supreme Court of Judicature have been pleased to appoint the following persons to be FENCE VIEWERS and CONSTABLES for the present Year.
Charlotte Town George Beer George Farmer
and Royalty
John Rider Richard Heartz
George Snelgrove Thomas Crutchell
Sampson Symons Thomas Pleadwell
James D. Haszard Angus McPhee
William Cranston William Wriston
John Wilson
James Millner
George Weldon
Thomas Witter
Archibald McDougald
John Jury, Jr
Samuel Batt
Henry Waters, Butcher
Lot 48 John Bovyer Ronald McInnis
Duncan Macgregor William McGregor
Lot 49 William Praught John Mellish
William Haszard David Gay
Lot 50 David Irving Thomas Crane
John Cavanagh, Jr
Newtown Donald Smith Richard Curran
Pinette Neil Morrison Neil Nicholson
Flat River John McRae James Williams
Wood Islands Roderick McIsaac Donald Bell
Belle Creek John Hume Thomas Singleton
Point Prim Donald McRae Lauchlan McLean
Big Woods Donald Gillis Colin McEachern
Lot 34, Covehead James C. Lawson Benjamin Hughes
John Miller John Bell
Covehead Road Nicholas Mullins William Carroll
Little York William Scatleberry William Welsh
Saint Peter's Rd Samuel Westacott James Macfarlane
Suffolk Road Roger Harper John Godfrey
Friston Rd and Wm. W. Duck Edward Mullins
Tracadie Rd
Frenchfort James Miller Donald Scott
Lot 20 Archibald Ramsay George Brander
Lot 21 John McEwen John McKay
Cavendish Henry Robinson David Simpson
New Glasgow James Arthur James Sample, Jr
Rustico William Craswell Andrew Gregor
James Fairclough Chester Woolner
New Glasgow Rd William Lowe John Bertram
Brackley Point Rd John Kennedy Thomas Rodd
Union Road Thomas Abbott James Fox
Winsloe Road John Williams George Turner
Brackley Point John Shaw Charles Gregor
Neil McCallum
Head of John Campion John Scott
Hillsborough River
L.C. Worthy
Monaghan Settlement James Bergan John Mitchell
& Fort Augustus
John Quinn Francis Longhan

The rest of this document was cut off in my copy at this point so it is unknown what the rest of the document said. - Roxanne.

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