Fire Wardens and Companies, Charlottetown, 1844/45

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Fire Wardens and Companies, Charlottetown, 1844/45

From The Islander, Friday, May 4, 1844.

Council Office, May. 2, 1844.

The Lieutenant Governor, in Council, .... was pleased to appoint the following persons to be Fire Wardens for Charlottetown, under the Act of 7th Victoria, cap.6 : -

Ward No. 1 - the East side of Cumberland Street and all to the Eastward thereof - Thomas Pethick and George Beer.

Ward No. 2 - From the East side of Weymouth Street to the Western side of Cumberland Street - C. C. Davison and George Coles.

Ward No. 3 - From the East side of Hillsborough Street to the western side of Weymouth Street - Martin Dogherty and Isaac Smith.

Ward No. 4 - From the East side of Prince Street to the Western side of Hillsborough Street - Robert Longworth and Charles Young.

Ward No. 5 - All South of Queen's Square - William Lord and William McGill.

Ward No. 6 - All North of Queen's Square - Henry Palmer and J. C. Binns.

Ward No. 7 - From East side of Pownal Street to West side of Queen Street - Andrew Duncan and T. B. Tremain.

Ward No. 8 - All the rest of the Town, West of Pownal Street - James D. Haszard and Kenneth McKenzie.

H. W. Lobban to be Captain of Fire Hook and Ladder Company, under the Act 7th Victoria, cap. 14.

LIST OF THE FIRE ENGINE COMPANY...May 3, 1845, The Islander

No. 1 - 1845

Capt. James Watts,

Richard Wright,

1st Lieut. John Hobbs,

John McNeill,

2nd do. Joseph Weeks,

William Cutcliffe,

Stephen Bovyer, Pipeman

Thomas Witter,

Edward Chandler, Pipeman,

Richard Heartz,

Wm. Butcher, sen, Pipeman,

Neil McKay,

William Chappell,

James Millner,

John Sellers,

Thomas Alley,

James Scantlebury,

William Butcher, jun.,

Mark Butcher,

Richard Partridge,

John Yeo,

George Chudleigh,

Donald Nicholson,

Thomas Snelgrove,

James Davis,

Alfred Groom,

M:ichael Kelly,

John Scott,

James Carmichael,

Jabez Bernard,

William McKay,

Thomas Parsons,

William Lowe,

Uriah Matther.


No. 2. - 1845

Captain Benjamin Davies,


1st Lieutenant Robert Hutchinson,


2nd do. Wellington Nelson,


James Cairns, Pipeman,

James Cahill,

Robert Percival, Pipeman,

John Heartz,

Thomas Dodd, Pipeman,

Edward Moore,

William Weeks,

Thomas Green,

Thomas Dennis,

Samuel Batt,

James Currie,

George Foster,

Daniel Bethune,

Christopher Smith,

William Rowe,

Thomas Robison,

Thomas Broyderick,

Theophilus Rodd,

Thomas Pleadwell,

William Douglas,

Theophilus Chappell,

Silas Barnard,

Geroge Weldon,

George Snelgrove,

Robert Nelson,

William Murphy,

William Dawson,

John Carter,

Robert Connell,

Francis Wright,

Edward Kickham,

James Walsh,

John P. Oxley,

William Hoar,

Benjamin Chappell,

John Maloney.

AT A MEETING held Monday, March the 10th, of FIRE ENGINE COMPANY, No. 2, it was resolved that the day of Training be altered from the second to the first Monday in every month; and also every Member absenting himself at Training, from this date, shall be dealt with according to the Rules of the Company.

ISAAC SMITH, jun. Secretary

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