1844 Charlottetown Fire Wardens

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

1844 Charlottetown Fire Wardens

Royal Gazette, May 7, 1844.

Appointment, by the Lieutenant Governor, of Fire Wardens for Charlottetown:
Ward No. 1 - East side of Cumberland Street, and all to the Eastward thereof - Thomas Pethick and George Beer.
Ward No. 2 - From the East side of Weymouth Street to the Western side of Cumberland Street - C. C. Davison and George Coles.
Ward No. 3 - From the east side of Hillsborough Street to the Western side of Weymouth Street. - Martin Dogherty and Isaac Smith.
Ward No. 4 - From the East side of Prince Street to the Western side of Hillsborough Street. - Robert Longworth and Charles Young.
Ward No. 5 - All South of Queen's Square. - William Lord and William M'Gill.
Ward No. 6 - All North of Queen's Square. - Henry Palmer and J. C. Binns.
Ward No. 7 - From East side of Pownal Street to West side of Queen Street. - Andrew Duncan and T. B. Tremain.
Ward No. 8 - All the rest of the Town, West of Pownal Street. - James D. Haszard and Kenneth M'Kenzie.

H. W. Lobban to be Captain of Fire Hook and Ladder Company

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