Fire Notes, 1845

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Submitted by Gary Carroll -

Royal Gazette Tues., 28 Jan, 1845:

FIRE - On Tuesday last, at 12 o'clock at night, the Barn of Mr. John Farquharson, of Lot 48, was discovered to be on Fire, by his son, who was awaked from his sleep by the crackling noise of the burning timber. There was a very violent snow storm at the time, and the fire had attained such an ascendancy, that every article that was in the building, with the exception of a cask of beef, was consumed. Part of the Barn was used as a granary and workshop, and which contained nearly all his farming and carpentering tools, harness, about 70 bushels wheat, and his oats and barley, with the exception of one stack of the former. Fortunately there were no cattle in it. The wind blew in the direction of the dwelling-house, which was only 20 yards distant, but most providentially the roof was covered with snow, or it must have shared the same fate. The fire originated from carelessly putting ashes in a barrel.

Royal Gazette Tues., 14 Oct., 1845:

SQUIBS OR CRACKERS.- The very dangerous practice of firing off Crackers has become very prevalent in this town during the last month. Last night some boys threw one of these inflammable substances into a heap of straw near Mr. Sneestons, which immediately took fire, and communicated with the fence, and if it had not been timely discovered, would have set fire to the adjoining buildings. It is high time such disorderly practices as above stated, and firing guns were put down for the safety of the inhabitants.

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