1847 Scots/Irish Relief

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Royal Gazette, Thursday April 29, 1847.

RELIEF FOR THE POOR OF IRELAND, AND THE ISLANDS AND HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND. - Subscriptions in aid of the Poor, who are suffering the effects of famine, in Ireland, and Scotland.


The Lieut. Governor

Hon. T. H. Haviland

Hon. Robert Hodgson

Daniel Brenan

Doctor Kelly, R.N.

Captain Orlebar

two little children

Margaret Robinson

Lieut. Hancock, R. N.

Daniel Hodgson, Esq.

George Birnie, Esq.

George Wright, Esq.

James M'Craith

Pierce Barron

Edward Kickham

Patrick Stephens (Orwell)

Garret Toole

Margaret Michael

James Warburton, Esq. (Lot 11)

Rev. Mr. M'Phee, East Point

W. Sheehan (East Point)

Mrs. Walsh (East Point)

Miss Clutterbuck

E. R. Humphreys, Esq.

Robert Weeks

Mrs. Grubb

Henry Palmer, Esq.

Benjamin Desbrisay

Thos.Pethick, Esq.

James Purdie

Hon. J. S. Macdonald

Rev. James Macdonald, Lot 19

Hon. Charles Hensley

Mrs. Hensley

Wm. Cundall, Esq., High Sheriff

Rev. Doctor. Jenkins

Doctor de Saint Croix

George Coles, Esq.

James Kelly

Capt. Bayfield, R.N.

Rev. M. Reynolds, P. P., Ch'town

James Peebles

Walter Lannen

Andrew Duncan, Esq.

Donald M'Isaac

Dennis Reddin

P. Gaul

Lauchlin Cummings

John Gainsford

T. B. Tremain, Esq.

R. M'Kinlay

John Bovyer

Wm. E. Clark

P. G. Clark

N. Patterson

E. L. Lydiard

Donald M'Leod

Nicholas Burns

Ewen Cameron

Thomas Broyderick

Dr. Tremain

James Watts

John Hobbs

Wm. S. Longworth

Major Beete

John M'Gill

Mr. Pleadwell

Wm. Acorn

Samuel Edwards

Patrick Gaffney

Wm. Dunn

James Reid

Capt. Michael Walsh

James Doyle (Lot 48)

T. Murphy (St. Peter's)

J. D. Macdonnell, Esq.

J. F. Clark

Charles Dempsey

Paul Mabey

John Walsh

H. Found

Maurice Kelly

James Barr

J. & H. M'Kenna

Patrick M'Kenna

John M'Kenzie

Mr. Antoine

Kenneth M'Kenzie

Michael M'Carthy

John Lahy

Thomas Tobin

J. D. Haszard, Esq.

John Collier

Hon. S. Rice

Robert Hutchinson

A Friend

Patrick Gilligan

Mrs. Witters

Mathew Dowling

Archibald M'Dougald

Mr. Fennelly

A Friend

John Jury

Martin Halloran

Capt. Hogan

Jn. Scott (North River)

Peter Scott, do.

A Friend

James O'Rielly

W. R. Watson

Robert Mackie

Alex M'Lean, Esq.

Mrs. Collins

Wm. Feure

Stephen Ryan

David Fraser

Wm. Douse, Esq.

Colonel Lane

Thos. Walsh (North River)

Doctor Poole

Mr. Tucker

Thomas Carpenter

John Corcoran

John Dunphy

James Cahill

Samuel Batt

John Currie

P. F. Doyle

Js. Miller (French Fort)

Robert M'Leary

Daniel Collins (Souris).


Royal Gazette, Tuesday, June 29, 1847.



The Treasurer of the above fund has the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of £10 12s 5d., collected at Georgetown, by the Lady of Hugh McDonald, Esq., from the following persons. - (It is to be hoped other Ladies will follow the benevolent example set them by Mrs. McDonald.)

Hugh McDonald, Esq.

Archd. McDonald

Wm. McDonald

Colin McDonald, Esq.

Capt. J. McDonald

John McDonald

John McDonald, jun.

Ann McDonald

Eliza, Archd and Augustine McDonald

Donald McAulay

Mrs. McAulay

John B. Howlet.

Hugh McDonald, Clerk

John Holland

Martin Byrne, Esq.

Mrs. Byrne

John Smith

John Devereux

John Kearney

Hugh Donnelly

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Bourke

Mrs. McAvoy

John and Mary Ann McAvoy

Hugh McEachren

William Ryan

J. W. Robertson

John McLean, Joiner

Ezra Wickware

Miss Westaway

Mrs. McNamara

A Friend

Mrs. Loveday

Donald McQuarrie

Andrew A. McDonald

W. McKay, Esq.

F. McNeill

James McDonald

Neil Steel

D. McDonald, Joiner

Lauchlan McDonald

James Cullen

Mrs. Cullen

Alex. Campbell

Frank McAulay

Henry Griffin

Allan McDonald (Jessie's Grove)

Pius McDonald

Received by Rev. James McIntyre, St. Peter's:

Kimble Coffin

John Phelan

Daniel Hickey

Thomas Noonan

Patrick Redmond

David McEwen

James McDonald

Pierce Murphy

Alexander Hayden

William Stearns

John McAdam

Michael Dun

Allan & J. McDonald

Michael Lahy

Daniel Neil

Patrick M'Carthy

Mullowny and Cody

A Friend

George McEwen

Moses and Patk Hughes

Mr. Lydiard

Michael Hogan, sen.

Michael Hogan, jun.

John McVarish

Duncan Coffin

Henry Davison

James McEwen

Franklin Stearns

Robin Davison

Mrs. Tobin

Thomas Daly

James Coffin

Peter McLennan





Royal Gazette, May 18, 1847.

Received from:

Donald Livingston, Schoolmaster; John Curry, Killoran Farm, West River; Angus M'Isaac, West River; Daniel Mullins, Lot 34; Pence from the Children of a Bible Class, per Lieut. Orlebar.



Patrick Scully, Esq.

Mrs. Daniel Collins

Miss J. Y. Feeney

Mrs. Feeney

Lawrence Hacket

Cornelius Collins

Armina Anderson

Theophilus Anderson

Donald Fisher

A Friend

Edward Shea

Ronald M'Donald

Alexander M'Lane

Julia M'Donald

Angus Beaton

Walter Fisher

Mrs. M'Eachern

Emanuel M'Eachern

Charles M'Eachern

Ann Collins

Wm. Collins

Wm. Collins, jun.

Jeremiah Collins

James Collins

Alexander Cameron

Alexander M'Donald

Angus M'Donald

Michael Campion

John Ford

Archibald Moon

Donald M'Donald

William Stewart

Wm. M'Vane

Donald M'Donald

John M'Donald

Charles M'Sweeney

John Kennedy

Donald M'Donald

Thomas Lyons

Felix Finn

Malcolm Campbell

M'Farlane & M'Laren

James Mullaly

Neil M'Phee

John Lyons

Thomas Kays

John Knight

Donald Beaton

John M'Donald

Hugh M'Eachern

Michael M'Donald

Joseph M'Donald

Bertram M'Donald

J. Michael M'Donald

Daniel Mooney

Mrs. D. M'Donald

Dennis Desmond

Neil M'Phee

Archibald Campbell

James M'Rae

John Fisher

Simon Deagle

James A. M'Eachern

Thomas Cahill

Patrick Hilgrove

James Keegan

Patrick M'Clarty

James Macaree

John M'Gowan, Esq.

William S. Macgowan, Esq.

James M'Gillivray

John Campbell

Neil M'Donald

John Longe

Donald M'Phee

Neil M'Aulay

Donald M'Aulay

John M'Eachern

John M'Phee

John M'Intyre

Alex. Gillis

Richard Barry

Mrs. Kearney

James Longe

Mrs. Longe

Martin Whelan

Mrs. Fitzpatrick

Lawrence Grant

James Kelly

John M'Lelland

Thomas Stone

Mrs. Stone

John Brown

Wm. Cumming

John M'Donald

Angus M'Donald

Angus M'Donald

Paul M'Donald

Peter M'Phee

Patrick Kavanagh

Michael Kennedy

John M'Intyre

Ronald M'Donald

Patrick M'Intyre

Peter M'Intyre

Angus M'Intyre

Benjamin M'Eachern

Donald M'Intyre

John M'Intyre

Allan Campbell

Pius Campbell

Angus Campbell

James Campbell

Joseph M'Donald

Neil M'Phee

Angus M'Phee

Angus M'Donald

John M'Donald

Allan M'Donald

Angus M'Donald

Roderick M'Isaac

John M'Phee

Henry Rath

John Costello (Smith)

Donald M'Donald, Esq.

James Montgomery

Angus M'Intosh

Maurice Hannon (Smith)

Ronald M'Donald

John Macdonald

Thomas O'Donell

Thomas Chapman

Martin Lyons

John M'Isaac

Patrick Barnett

John Sheehan

Alexander M'Donald






Thomas Clow

Wm. Hicken

Thomas Maher

Donald M'Kinnon

Patrick Cuddy

Patrick Lahy

David M'Lure

Wm. Sensabaugh

Thomas Davy

Kenneth M'Keen

James M'Leod

John Moor

James Hoberland (Haberland?)

Thomas Dunn

Hugh Jackson

William Reid

John Burk

Hugh M'Kinnon

Archibald Campbell

Malcolm Campbell

Hugh M'Donald

Peter Gillis

John M'Aulay

Wm. Ball

Lauchlin M'Kinsey

William Whelan

Allan Campbell

Donald M'Donald

James How

John Player

Donald Campbell

Alexander Stewart

William M'Kay

Michael Burns

Edward Redmond

William M'Cree

Andrew M'Lennan

Richard Moor

John M'Kinsey

Wm. Risha (Richard?)

James Wemms.






Anselm M'Dugald

Alexander M'Donald (Ronald's son)

Charles M'Donald (John's son)

William Cloney

Alexander M'Donald (Donald's son)

John Redmond

Donald M'Eachern

John Curry (Souris)

Henry Huntley

James Maloney

John Gillis, East Point

Joseph M'Donald (John's son)

Joseph Bradley

James Curry

John Curry (Carpenter)

Ronald M'Donald (John's sons).

Maurice Fox

Donald Murchison

Alexander M'Donald (John's son)


Alexander M'Donald (Roderick's son)

Thomas Keyley

Patrick M'Carron


George Curry

John Pinsell

James Crane





James Carroll

John Frazer

Robert S. Findlay

John M'Dougall

J. C. M'Donald

Alexander M'Donald

Malcolm M'Leod

Donald M'Leod

Donald M'Leod (Stonehouse)



Richard Curran

Js. Cahill(Mason)

Matthew Morrisey

Nicholas Stack

Patrick Gunnap

Edward Kelly

James Kelly

Walter Kelly

Lawrence Cody

William Cody

John Cody, jun.

Patrick Power

Michael Maher

Wm. Maher

Edward Naddy

Michael Naddy

John Roach

John Cody

Thomas Griffin

Richard Gill



Tim Shea (Tailor)

James Murphy

Alexander M'Mullin, and Son

Robert Russel




Philip Comiskey

Martin O'Brien & Son

Patrick Connell

Patrick Brenick

Widow Connolly

Terrence Boylen




Michael Gleeson

Richard Grant

Widow Murphy

Donald M'Isaac

William Keary

John M'Innis

Michael M'Innis

John M'Innis, jun.

John Cavanagh

John Enman

Roderick M'Isaac

Roderick M'Kenzie

David Murchison

Edward Cavanagh

Edward Kelly

Thomas Morrisey.

Also, funds collected by Rev. W. H. Cooper, in the District of his mission at Port Hill.


June 8, 1847. Royal Gazette


The Treasurer of the above Fund, has the pleasure to acknowledge subscribers:--

Through Mr. Purdie, from the Rev. Mr. Keir, Princetown,
James Beairsto,
Wm. Scantlebery.

Omitted in the last list:

Mr. Jas. Walsh, Lot 48,
Mr. Howard, North River.

From the Rev. Dr. McIntyre, Head of St. Peter's Bay

Rev. Dr. McIntyre

Hugh McLean

Peter M'Callum

Angus Sutherland

Michael Scully

James Webster

Charles R. Webster

Bonaventure Hore

Thomas Donavan

Edward Cook

James McLaren

John Keenan

Duncan Henry

John Leslie

Henry Anderson

Donald McDonald

Angus McIntyre

Mrs. O'Hanly

Donald Sutherland

John McAulay

Joseph Smith

Peter McIntyre

John McInnes

Allan McDonald

John McDonald

John Dixon

per Mr. Michael Scully

per Mr. John McInnes

Miss Mary McLellan




per Capt Orlebar, from the Infant School at Georgetown.


George Douglas

James Ferguson

James McDonald

John McEachern, sen.

Alex. McDonald

Ronald McDonald

Alex. McDonald

Patrick Bambrick (Mullenevar)

Allan McDonald

John McDonald

Mrs. John Campion

Mrs. Patrick Griffin

Elisha Coffin, Esq.

James Coffin

Charles Coffin

Elisha Coffin, B.

Joseph Coffin

Daniel & Jas. Feehan

John Morrison

James Coffin

Frances Coffin

Catherine Robbins

Catherine Doyle

Benjamin Coffin, B.

Benjamin Coffin, E.

James McEwen and family



Collected by Mr. Alex. McDonald at Pisquid.
Collected by Messrs. Whelan and Hickey at Morel and St. Peter's.

Richard Hayes

Timothy Carey

James Doyle

Michael Eagan, and his two sons.

John Eagan

Patrick Murphy

John McDonald, Esq.


Collected by Mr. Allan McDonald at French Village.

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