Advertisements from the Examiner, 1848

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Various advertisements from The Islander, 1848....

Robert Stevens - Architectural Surveyor, House Builder, Ship Joiner, Great George Street.

FOR SALE - Launched 1847, Schooner, Dolphin, 47 tons, Peter McLaren, Three Rivers.

James Peake, TO LET, "Victoria House," Water Street, Charlottetown.

Mr. Smardon's Establishment - Manufacturers of Saddles, Harnesses, trunks, etc.

James R. Watts - Drugs and medicines.

Miss Williams and Miss Webb - Millinery and Straw Bonnet Making.

Miss McIntosh - Silk and Straw bonnets, Dressmaker, Gentlemen's fine Shirts made to order.

Miss Duchemin & Miss Webber - Dressmakers and Milliners.

J. Stuart McArthur - Piano tuning and piano lessons. Violin and Flute lessons for gentlemen

Andrew Flannagan - Bull, Vulcan, thoroughbred Ayrshire Bull will stand at "Sidmount" during this season.

William Smallwood - Entire Horse, thorough bred, called LION.

Stephen Rice - Stallion, SALLADIN.

Robert Longworth - Assortment of Goods.

Reddin & Son - Large and General Assortment of Goods.

R. Mackie - 15 casks of gin, of superior quality.

S. Gurney - Trevio Cloth Mills, Golden Valley, Cove Head Road.

Thomas Morris - Boots and Shoes.

Artemas Davison - Blacksmithing.

Thomas Davy - Blacksmith.

James N. Harris - 100 boxes of prime Muscatel Raisins, and 50 barrels of Baldwin and Russet apples for sale, etc..

William Fisher - Daguerreotype Likenesses.

Robert McKinley - American goods (tin, stoves, vinegar) and 100 barrels of Labrador herring.

George Beer, Jr. - China tea sets, ornaments, etc.

Watson Duchemin - Naval Architect.

W. R. Watson - 150 barrels of American superfine flour. 50 cases Old Brown Sherry wine, containing 3 dozen each.

J & W McGill - dry goods and hardware.

Reading Room - established on Water St., by John Ings, various newspapers; open 9 am to 10 pm.

James Anderson - stock of late R. Finlayson being disposed - General Merchandise.

Donald McIsaac - Cheap New Store - Queen Street - General Merchandise.

Dr. Potts - Licentiate of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

James W Cairns - GLOBE INN - New Establishment - Elegant, well - furnished and Commodious Home - convenient stabling.

John Hatch - Silk, Cotton, and Woollen Dyer. Calico Glazer and Cloth Dresser; Clothes Cleaned. Blankets cleaned and renapt.

E. L. Lydiard - Queen Street House - General Merchandise.

Desbrisay - Apothecaries Hall - Drugs and medicine.

H. W. Lobban - Auction, at the store of John F. Clark & Co., Great George St., a consignment from Halifax.

John Maclean - Dog River, TWO STRAY SHEEP

REWARD - Three Pounds Reward - Stolen from the shipyard of Mr William Bayfield, a new Ships's boat.

Holloway's Pills.

Moffat's Vegetable Life Pills

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