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1848 P.E.I. Lot 31 Census - Page 4


LeonardJohnSmith & Tryon Road1121

LittleJameFarmerTryon Road2121

LivingstoArch+FarmerDog River, North 111

LivingstoDonalFarmerDog River, North 2111

MartinDon+FarmerNew Bedeque 1121

MatthewWmFarmerNew Bedeque 3121

Mayby CorneFarmerTryon Road41111

Mayby PaulFarmerWest River111

McAsheaAnguFarmerWest River22151

McCabeJohnFarmerTryon Road1111

McCallumNeilShip Tryon Road5

McCannEdw+FarmerNew Bedeque 31121

McCarreFranciFarmerColville Road3111

McCawleMaryFarmerTryon Road11

McDonalMalc+FarmerColville Road2142

McDonalNeilFarmerColville Road2121

McDonalNancFarmerNew Bedeque 121

McDonalArch+FarmerTryon Road2122

McDuffFranciMason &Malpeque Road6111

McFaydeAnguCarpent Tryon Road212311

McFaydeAnguFarmerBannockburn 21131

McKaigJohnFarmerTryon Road2132

McKennaJohn SchoolmNew Bedeque 1121

McKinnoMalc+FarmerMalpeque Road511

McKinnoDon+FarmerMalpeque Road4131

McLeanDon+FarmerJohnson+s or 1121

McLeanJohnFarmerDog River, South1121

McLeanChasFarmerWest River1121

McLeanDon+FarmerJohnson+s or 211321

McLeanHughFarmerDog River, North 111

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