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1848 P.E.I. Lot 31 Census - Page 5


McLeanDuncFarmerWest River211121

McLeanJameFarmerWest River11

McLeanChasFarmerDog River, South2131

McLeanLauchFarmerDog River, North 421211

McLeanDon+FarmerDog River, North 11531

McLeanJohnFarmerNew Bedeque 2111

McLeanJohnFarmerJohnson+s or 1131

McLeodAnguFarmerMalpeque Road4122

McLeodDonalCarpt+r Colville Road1111

McLeodLauclFarmerJohnson+s or 2121

McLeodDon+FarmerColville Road111

McLeodAlex+FarmerMalpeque Road111

McLeodRod+kFarmerJohnson or Old 3111

McLeodJohnFarmerWest River12131

McNeilEwenFarmerWest River12221

McNeilMalcolFarmerDog River, North 1141

McNeileDon+FarmerWest River221

McNiven HectoFarmerWest River3131

McPhailAnguFarmerBannockburn 31132

McPhailColinFarmerDog River, North 21121

McPhailArch+FarmerDog River, South131121

McPhail?ArchFarmerTryon Road1121

McPhailDougFarmerDog River, North 112

McPheeDougFarmerWest River121

McPhersMurdoFarmerJohnson or Old 5112

McPhillipsBernaFarmerColville Road2111

McQairy CollinFarmerColville Road121

McQuillanOwenFarmerColville Road1121

McQuillanPat+kFarmerColville Road41122

McSwainMurd+FarmerColville Road3141

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