Appointment of Justices of the Peace, 1851

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Royal Gazette, May 13, 1851.

Colonial Secretary's Office, May 13, 1851.

His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to direct the names of the following gentleman to be inserted in the Commission of the Peace.

Queen's County.

Charles Dempsey, Charlottetown

Henry Haszard, do.

William M'Gill, do.

Patrick Walker, do.

William Bagnall, Lot 22.

Alexander Dixon, Lot 67.

Robert Mooney, M. P. P., Flinty Glen.

James Robinson, Lot 34, St. Peter's Road.

John M'Dougald, Orwell.

Peter M'Gowan, Charlottetown.

Henry Stamper, Charlottetown.


King's County

Daniel Flynn, M. P. P., Bay Fortune

Donald Beaton, M. P. P., East Point

John M'Donald, Big Spring

C. Birch Bagster, removed from Queen's County

James M'Donald, M. P. P., Georgetown

Henry Gordon, Brudenell River

T. E. W. Alleyne, Lot 38.

Hugh M'Lean, St. Peter's Bay

Murdoch Murray, Head of St. Peter's Bay

John M'Donald, Lot 38

Emanuel M'Eachern, South Lake

John E. M'Donald, Lot 56.

Prince County.

William Clark, M. P. P., Darnley

James Craswell, Port Hill.

Elisha Hooper, Bedeque

William Jamieson, Lot 19

Angus M'Donald, Bedeque

John M'Kinnon, Lot 16

Donald M'Lellan, (Archibald's son), Lot 18

James Muirhead, Traveller's Rest.

James Hillson, sen., Wilmot Creek.


J. WARBURTON, Col. Sec'y.

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