List of the Founders of the Presbyterian Church, Prince Town, Prince Edward Island

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Royal Gazette, August 18, 1851.

List of the Founders of the Presbyterian Church, Prince Town, Prince Edward Island.

In Witness whereof, we have hereunto set our Hands and Seals this Fifteenth day of November, in the year of our Lord, One thousand Eight hundred and Twenty-four.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of
Robert Woodside,
James Mountain.


William Donalds

James Brandon

Edward M'Kay

John Thomson

John Sinclair -x- his mark

Benj. Thomson

William Donald

James Allen

Executors for Jas. Woodside, deceased

Andrew Woodside

Dugald Stewart, sen.

Daniel Watt

Alex. Mathews

William Riely

Joseph Murchland

John M'Gougan,jun.

John Taylor

James Sinclair

Hugh Mathews

Thomas M'Nutt

John Power, sen. -x- his mark

Daniel Taylor -x- his mark

James McNeill -x- his mark

John Coughlan

George Ramsay -x- his mark

John Ramsay

Charles M'Nutt

Dugald Ramsay

George Ellison -x- his mark

George Beairsto

Benj. Bearisto

Lauchlin McKendrick

Donald Ramsay

George Owen

Matthew Stewart

Dugald Stewart

Francis Coughlan

Archd. Woodside

William Coughlan -x- his mark

Hugh Craig

John Mathews -x- his mark

Dugald Stewart, jr. -x- his mark

Donald M'Gougan

Jas. Townsend, per Geo. Bearisto

John M'Kay, jun.

Neal Ramsay

Malcolm McKendrick

Geo. Thomson

Edward Ramsay, jr.

Mathew Stewart

James Stewart, jun.


Malcolm Ramsay

Edward Mountain -x- his mark

William Stewart


Thomas Pickering

Thomas Coughlan

Robert Stewart


Jno. Craig

Thomas Hunter

Alexr. Anderson


John Thomson

William Clark

Chas. Stewart


Daniel Montgomery

James Woodside

P. Stewart, per Thos. M'Nutt


Malcolm M'Gougan

John Crozier -x- his mark

Saml. Wilson -x- his mark



Witness to the Signatures of Hugh Craig, John Craig and Thomas Hunter,
(signed) P. S. Macnutt.

Witness to the Signature of Alexander Anderson,
(Signed) John Kier.

Witnesses to the following Signatures, viz:
P. Stewart, by his Agent, Thos. M'Nutt,
James Townsend, by his Agent, Geo. Bearisto, and
Malcolm M'Gougan, for himself.

P. S. Macnutt.

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