Fair and Cattle Show....From the Examiner, October 1, 1855.

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Fair and Cattle Show....From the Examiner, October 1, 1855.

Wednesday, the day appointed for this annual exhibition of Live Stock, being remarkably fair, the assemblage of country people appeared to be greater than on former occasions. There was a considerable number of horses on the ground, but, with two or three exceptions, none of a very superior order; and the horned cattle exhibited no very marked improvement over that of previous years, although there were two or three cows and one or two young heifers fully equal to any thing of the kind that could be produced in any part of the world. The show of sheep was said to be superior to that of former years. - Notwithstanding the large concourse of people assembled on this occasion, the public peace was well maintained throughout the day. The prevention, by the City authorities, of drinking in the booths, so common on a fair day, contributed, no doubt, to the desirable result.

Entire Blood Colts, foaled in 1853:
lst prize, Thomas Parsons, Charlottetown,
2d do., William Lockerby, Cavendish,
3d do., Ronald Matheson, Brackley Point.

Blood Fillies, foaled in 1853:
1st prize, Donald McLeod, Douse's Road,
2d do., William Large sen., Little York,
3d do., James Burns.

Entire Colts, for agricultural purposes, foaled in 1853:
1st prize, William Howat, Tryon,
2d do., Noah Whitby, DeSable,
3d do., John Harrington, do.

Fillies, for agricultural purposes, foaled in 1853:
1st prize, Cornelius Howat, Tryon,
2d do., George Smith, Charlottetown Royalty,
3d do., James Cahill, Charlottetown.

Bulls, dropped since 1st January, 1853:
1st prize, W. Swabey, jr., Esq., Ch. Royalty,
2d do., Hector McLean, North River,
3d do., Lemuel Wright, Charlottetown Royalty.
[Mr. Swabey's was a beautiful animal, only 14 months old, yet competing with, and taking first prize, in a class open to all animals two years old. Although a number of this class were exhibited, the Judges were of the opinion that none of the others were entitled to a prize.]

Bulls, of any age:
1st prize, Josiah Ayres,
2d do., William Prowse,
3d do., Charles Ellis,

Cows, giving milk, of any age:
1st prize, Col. Gray, Spring Park,
2d do., Heath Haviland, Esq. Charlottetown,
3d do., Hon. Daniel Brenan, do.

Heifers dropped since 1st January, 1853:
1st prize, George De Blois, Esq., Charlottetown,
2d do., Hon. George Coles,
3d. do., W. W. Irving, Bonshaw.

Pen of 3 Ewe Tegs, Leicester breed:
1st prize, George Tweedy,
2d do., George Tweedy,
3d do., Charles Haszard, Esq. Belle Vue.

Pen of 3 Ewes, of any age:
1st prize, William Longworth, Esq.,
2d do., Charles Haszard, Esq.,
3d do., Judge Peters.

Pen of 3 Ewe Lambs:
1st prize, Benjamin Wright, Esq.,
2d do., Henry Longworth, Esq.,
3d do., George Tweedy.

Rams under 3 years old, Lambs excluded:
1st prize, G. Smith, Charlottetown Royalty,
2d do., Judge Peters,
3d do., Isaac Thomson, Sydney Mills.

Ram Lambs:
1st prize, H. Longworth, Esq.,
2d do., H. Longworth, Esq.,
3d do., Benjamin Wright, Esq.

Rams, of any age, over 2 years old:
1st prize, John Thorne.

Sows, having reared a litter, this season:
1st prize, James Rattray,
2d do., George Lewis,
3d do. Josiah Ayres.

Best Boars:
1st prize, Col. Gray, Spring Park,
2d do., Richard Ackland,
A third prize was offered, but no competitors.

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