Benevolent Irish Society's General Account

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The Benevolent Irish Society helped out those less fortunate monetarily. The following is a statement of their accounts from 10th March, 1855 to 10th March 1856.

From the Examiner, April 7, 1856

Treasurer of the Benevolent Irish Society's General Account From 10th March, 1855 to 10th March 1856


19th March, 1855:
Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Corrigan, Mrs. Maguire, P. McCarron (blind), Ellen Cassidy, Mrs. Malloy, Mrs. Cosgrove, Mrs. McKenna, Catherine Murphy, Margaret McGun, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Roach, Mrs. Fitzgerald, James Cochlan, Mrs. Cahill, Mrs. Cudhey, Jeremiah Bourk.

26th March, 1855
Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Manigan, Mrs. Gillis, Mrs. Nowlan, Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. Cosgrove, Dennis Collins, John Phelan, Mrs. Binns, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Heffren, Mrs. Koughan, Mrs. O'Shea, Mrs. Grady, George Lord, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Tool, Mrs. Gayner.

30th March, 1855
Mrs. Dogherty, Mrs. Moore, Jeffry Bourk.

7th April, 1855
Dennis Collins, Mrs. Cusshun, Mrs. Cudhey, Mrs. Brenan, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Cahill, Mrs. Murphy, P. McCarron (blind), Mrs. McDonald, Catherine Murphy, Mrs. Malloy, Mrs. Roach, Mrs. Cosgrove, Mary Corrigan, James Walsh, Mrs. Power.

18th April 1855
Mrs. Gayner, Mrs. Cosgrove, P. McCarron (blind), Mrs. Brenan, Mrs. Gray, Dennis Collins, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Heffren, Mrs. Moore.

25th April 1855
Lawrence Roach, David Sheppard (for expenses), Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Nowlan.

5th May 1855
Mrs. Connolly, Mrs Poor, Mrs. Roach, Margaret McCarthy

17th May 1855
James Callaghan, John O'Conner, Ellen Cassidy, Mrs. McKenna, Mrs. Coles, Mrs. Gaynor, Jeremiah Bourk

16th June 1855
Mrs. Wall, Ellen Cassidy, Mrs. Connolly, A poor squaw.

17th July 1855
Mary Corrigan, Mrs. Gayner, Mr. Mahaffy (funeral expenses), Mary Connolly, Mrs. Roach, Ellen Cassidy, P. McCarron(blind)

16th August 1855
Mr. Mahaffy (funeral expenses)

1st November 1855
William Kenny, Mary Connolly, Mr. McKenna (expenses, &c)

14th December 1855
Mrs.Cudhey, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. McCarthy

2nd January 1856
Mrs. Heffren, Mrs. Manigan, Mrs. Connolly

26th January 1856
Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Malloy, Mrs. Martin, Mary Corrigan, Mrs. Cudhey

18th February 1856
Mrs. Malloy, Neil Lenerge, Mrs. Manigan, Mrs. Connolly, Laughlan McLeod, Mrs. Heffren

29th February 1856
Mrs. Smith, Richard Coughlan

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