Agents for the "Protestant", 1863

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Protestant and Evangelical Witness, June 13, 1863:

Agents for the "Protestant"

Rev. Henry Crawford, St. Peter's
Rev. Robert S. Patterson, Bedeque
Mr. Aitken, Georgetown
D. C. Ramsay, Port Hill
William Rogerson, Crapaud
James Bearisto, Esq., Princetown
Daniel Fraser, Esq., Belfast
George McKay, Esq., Campbelton, N. L.
Charles A. Crosby, Park Corner
Patrick Brown, Summerside
John McMillan, Esq., Woodville
Rev. Allan Fraser, Cascumpec
Rev. Alexander Munro, Brown's Creek
Henry Brehaut, Esq., White Sands
Donald Campbell, Lot 16
Malcolm M'Fadyen, Murray Harbor North
John McKay, Strathalbyn
Rev. Allan McLean, Dundas

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