Convent de Notre Dame - Distribution of Premiums, 1874

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Submitted by Christine Gorman and Aggi-Rose Reddin

As published in the Examiner, Monday, 6 July, 1874:

Convent de Notre Dame - Distribution of Premiums

Comprises Reading, Writing, Grammar, Geography and Arithmetic:
Miss Ellie Hickey - 1st prize of sacred history and grammar; 2nd of knitting.
Annie Wall - 1st of sacred history; 2nd grammar and application to music; 1st of Plain Sewing.
Miss Mary Ann Gaul - 1st prize of geography, writing, and music; 4th class, 3rd prize, 1st of knitting; 3rd of plain sewing.
Rosie Kickham - 1st of reading and geography; 2nd of work.
Emma Quirk – 2nd of reading, geography and knitting.
Maggie McCraith - 2nd of grammar and arithmetic.
Mary Ann McQuillan - 1st of sacred history; 2nd grammar.
Annie Hughes - 2nd of grammar; 3rd of sewing.
Alice Foley - 3rd of sacred history and knitting.

Mary A. Callaghan - 2nd prize of reading and sewing.
Theresa McCabe – 3rd prize reading and arithmetic.
Annie Hickey - 3rd of reading; 2nd of knitting.
Lizzie Connolly - prize of reading.
Annie Reddin - prize of reading.
Katie Mooney - prize of reading; 2nd of work.
Maggie Callaghan - prize of reading; 2nd of sewing.
Minnie O’Connell - prize of reading.
Mary Ann Shannan - prize of reading.
E. Ranahan - 3rd of work.
Ellie Reddin - prize of reading.
Ellie McCraith – do.
Mary McCarthy – do.
Jennie Burris - do.
Grace Keoughan – do.
Annie Keoughan – do.
Maggie MacEachern – do.
Maggie Wall – do.

Annie Tobin - 1st prize reading and arithmetic.
Catherine McDonnell - 1st of grammar, arithmetic and sewing.
Annie Jones - 1st grammar, 2nd arithmetic, music, 5th class 3rd prize, 1st household. economy, plain sewing, 2nd fancy work, 3rd vocal music.
Ellen Shea - 2nd grammar, music, elementary class, 2nd of application.
Gertrude Walsh - 2nd of Grammar.
Esther Worth - 2nd do.
Lizzy Murphy - 3rd prize.
Bella Hughes – do.

Miss Cassie Corbett - 1st of grammar, history, geography, arithmetic.
Bella McMullen - 1st of grammar, do music music, 2nd course, 2nd prize, 1st of work.
Fannie McLean - 1st of grammar, history, arithmetic, music, 4th class, 3rd prize, 2nd household economy, 2nd prize sewing.
Christina McDonald - 1st of history, household economy, 2nd plain sewing
Reginia Doyle - 1st of history, geography, 1st plain sewing, music elementary class, 2nd of application.
Maggie McDonald - 1st grammar, history, geography, arithmetic; 1st household economy and sewing.
Florence Walsh - 2nd history.
A. O’Halloran - 2nd history.
Katie McLeod – 2nd history, geography.
Minnie Colpitts - 2nd do; music 5th class, 2nd prize plain sewing.
A. Trail - 3rd prize grammar and arithmetic.
Katie Kelly - 2nd history, geography and 2nd sewing.
Janie McNeal – 3rd of history.
M. Morrissey – do.

Mary Tobin - 1st of grammar, history and arithmetic.
Katie Daley - 1st history, geography, arithmetic.
M. A. McCraith - 1st grammar, geography, arithmetic.
M.A. McQuaid - 1st grammar, geography, arithmetic.
Lizzie Walsh - 1st history and geography.
Sibbie McWade - 2nd history and geography, music, elementary course, prize of application.
Alice Lowerison – 2nd grammar, arithmetic, application to French, 2nd fancy work.

Distinctive Honor "The Leaf" Comprising Grammar, Sacred History, Geography, Arithmetic
The Leaf is awarded to the following pupils of this course -
Miss Annie O'Halloran, Ch'town.
Jane Sullivan, Moncton, N.B.
Mary Cary, Cherry Vale.
Maggie Hibbitt, Summerside.
A. O'Halloran - 1st of grammar, sacred history, geography and arithmetic.
Jane Sullivan - do, music 4th class, 2nd household economy and 3rd sewing.
Mary Cary - 1st of grammar, history, arithmetic, 2nd geography, household economy, 1st of plain sewing.
Maggie Hibbitt - 1st grammar and writing, 2nd of history and arithmetic, music class 4th, 2nd prize, 1st of household economy and plain sewing.
Katie Cavan - 2nd of history and arithmetic, 3rd application to French.
Maggie Cartmill - 2nd grammar and arithmetic.
Ellen Halloran - 2nd of arithmetic.
S. Jane Smith - 2nd of grammar, arithmetic and application to French.
Emily Gahan - 1st of arithmetic, 3rd of parsing, 2nd application to French and drawing.
Verginia Newbery - 2nd of grammar, 3rd of arithmetic.
Louisa Robins - 2nd of arithmetic, 3rd grammar.
Dolly Morrissey - 2nd of arithmetic.

Distinctive honor "The Rosebud" Comprising Grammar, History of England, Geography, Dictation and Arithmetic.
The Rosebud is awarded to the following pupils of this course:
Miss Edith Reddin, Ch'town.
Josephine Reddin, do.
A. Smith, Buctouche.
Addie Weldon, Shediac.
Ellie McWade, Souris.
Jule Dobson, Jolicure Junction, N.B.
Julia Reddin - 1st prize of grammar, history, geography, arithmetic, and application to French.
Josephine Reddin - 1st of gram, dictation and arithmetic, and application to French.
Altie Smith - 1st of parsing, history, geography, arithmetic, application to French; music, course E., 2nd prize, 2nd of household economy and sewing.
Addie Weldon - do; music 5th class, 3rd prize.
Ellie McWade - 1st of grammar, geography, arithmetic; music 3rd class, 1st prize; 3rd application to French, 3rd vocal music.
Jule Dobson - 1st of geography, 2nd of grammar and application to French; 1st of arithmetic, drawing, household economy and sewing.
Mary Jane Murphy - 1st of history and grammar; 2nd of arithmetic.
Katie Muckler - 1st of geography and dictation, 2nd application to French, 2nd arithmetic, 1st of drawing, 1st division; 2nd of household economy, 1st of sewing.
Mary Cox - 2nd of grammar, 1st of arithmetic, application to French; music 3rd class, 3rd prize.
Jannie McIntosh - 2nd application to French; music course, D., 1st prize, 2nd of household economy, 1st sewing.
Edith Dillon - 2nd of arithmetic, 3rd grammar, music course D., 2nd prize.
Ellen McKenna - 3rd prize of grammar.
Ada Walsh - 1st of arithmetic, 3rd of grammar; music 2nd class, 2nd prize.

Distinctive Honor, the "White Rose" Comprises Analysis, History of France, Map-Drawing, Ancient Geography, First Book of Logic, Globes, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Composition.
The White Rose is awarded to the following pupils of this course:
Misses Julia Hamilton, Amherst.
Ada McLean , do.
Hattie Green, Summerside.
Fannie Smith, Shediac.
Kate McDonald, Ch'town.
Miss Julia Hamilton - 1st prize History, logic, ancient geography, application to French; 1st map drawing; 2nd arithmetic and book-keeping; music course E., 1st prize, 1st of vocal music, 1st of household economy and 2nd of sewing.
Ada McLean - 1st of logic, ancient geography, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, application to French; 2nd of book-keeping; music course D., 1st prize; vocal music 2nd prize; household economy 1st.
Hattie Green - 1st of history, logic, globes, map drawing and book-keeping; algebra, and geometry; 2nd ancient geography; music, course C., 2nd prize; vocal music 2nd prize; 1st household economy, 2nd of fancy work; 1st of sewing.
Fannie Smith - 1st of analysis, ancient geography, history, arithmetic, algebra, geometry; 2nd application to French; 3rd prize of music, course E., 2nd of household economy and sewing.
Katie McDonald - 1st of history, arithmetic, map-drawing; 2nd of geometry and book-keeping
Agnes Walsh - 1st of composition; 2nd of logic, arithmetic, book-keeping; 3rd application to French; 3rd of vocal music.
Birdie Kerr - 1st of history; 2nd of ancient geography and composition, arithmetic; music, course C. 1st prize; 2nd of household economy.
Emma Ryley - 2nd of history and composition; 2nd of arithmetic; 3rd of application to French; 3rd of vocal music.

Distinctive honors, "Gold Medal, Diploma" Comprises Analysis, Map-Drawing, Zoology, Logic, Rethoric, Ancient and Modern History, Elements of Chemistry, Botany, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Algebra and Geometry.
Gold Medal and Deploma merited by Miss Annie Campbell, Hope River, P.E. Island.
Miss Aleida Kerr, Parsboro, N.S.
1st prize of the Graduate Course merited by Miss Campbell and Miss Kerr.
Miss Campbell - music, class 2nd, 2nd prize; 2nd of drawing; 1st of household economy.
Miss Kerr - music, course E., 2nd prize; 2nd of drawing and household economy.

Medal of Excellence merited by Miss Annie Campbell; Miss Aleda Kerr.
Crowns of honor merited by Misses Hamilton, Maggie McDonald, Ada McLean, M.J. Murphy, Weldon, Hattie Green, Dobson, Fannie Smith, Kerr, A. Smith, Juila Dobson, Hibbitt, Carey, McIntosh, Muckler, Regina Doyle, Christina McDonell, Catherine McDonell, Jones, McLean, Colpitts, A. O'Halloran, Cartmill, Cavan, Smith, Josephine Reddin, Tobin, McQuaid, McCraith, Daley, Bessie Dillon, A. Halloran, Worthy, McQuillan, Callaghan, O'Connell, McCarty.

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