Gathering of the Clans, August 1878

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Gathering of the Clans, August 1878

from the Daily Examiner, August, 7, 1878

"It is impossible for us to enumerate all the Morrisons (who stand A 1 this year), McDonalds, McKinnons, McLeods, McIntyres, Campbells, etc, who struggled for the various prizes. We can only give the names of the prize winners, as follows:---

Throwing Stone, 21 lbs. 1st prize, $10- Malcolm McLeod, Valleyfield, 32 ft. 9in.
2nd prize, $5- Alex. Nicholson, 31 ft. 11 in.
3rd prize, $2- Wm. McInnis, Hopedale, 31 ft. 5 in.

Running Leap, 1st prize, $5- Samuel McLeod, Bradalbane Station.

Running Race (Leap?) 2nd prize, $3 - Alex. Nicholson, Hazel Grove.

Heavy Hammer, 16 lbs., 1st prize, $10- John W. Morrison, Grand River, Lot 56, 74 feet.
2nd prize, $5 -Murdoch McLeod, Victoria Cross, 72 ft. 2 in.
3rd prize, $3- Malcolm McLeod, Valleyfield, 72 ft. 10 in. (?)

Light Stone, 14 lbs, 1st prize, $5 - Alex. Nicholson, Hazel Grove, 36 ft. 5 in.
2nd prize, $3 - Malcolm McLeod, Valleyfield.

Hurdle Race, 1st prize, $5 - Alex. Nicholson, Hazel Grove.
2nd prize, $3 - not decided.

Light Hammer, 16 lbs. exclusive of handle. Length of handle, 3 ft. 6 in., outside hammer socket.
1st prize, $5 - John N. Morrison, Lot 56.
2nd prize, $3 -Murdoch McLeod, Victoria Cross.
3rd prize, $2 - Wm. Mcinnis, Hopedale.

(Confined to members of the club):
1st prize, $5-Alexander Campbell, Strathalbyn,71 ft.
2nd prize, $2, Hugh L. McDonald, Cardigan Bridge, 70 ft. 6 in.

Sack Race, 1st prize, $3- Malcolm Nicholson, Strathalbyn.
2nd prize, $2- John Stewart, Strathalbyn.

Walking Race (confined to members of the Club) not decided.

Tossing the Caber, 1st prize-Ewen McEachern, Big Point, Lot 65.
2nd prize- Alex. Nicholson, Hazel Grove.

High Leap, 1st prize- John McDonald, Hunter River.
2nd prize- Neil McLeod, Strathalbyn.

The dancing booths and refreshment tables were well patronized.

On the grounds were many of the clergy and the Bar. Austin C. McDonald, Esq., one of the candidates for the representation of King's in the House of Commons, was present, taking an active part in the games. His Honor the Lieutenant Governor, Hon. F. Brecken, Hon. A. J. McDonald, Hon. W. W. Sullivan, Jas. E. McDonald, Esq. M..P.P., W. McKechnie, Esq., Owen Connolly, Esq., and many other prominent gentlemen visited the grounds during the day.


August 8, 1878, Daily Examiner

Boys' race (under 16) 1st prize, $3-Samuel J. Nicholson, Charlottetown;
2nd prize, $2 - J. Bevan, Charlottetown.

Dancing Gillie Callum-1st prize, $3, Wm. McKenzie; 2nd do., Daniel McDonald, Mount Stewart; 3rd do.,$ 2,---------McFadyen, West River

Highland Fling- 1st prize, $3, Wm. McKenzie; 2nd do., $2, Alex. Buchanan.

Pipe Music - 1st prize, $5, Donald McDonald, Strathalbyn; 2nd do., $3, Alex Buchanan; 3rd prize $2, Colin Murray and Peter Ferguson, equal.

All-Comers; flat race - not contested.

Vaulting- 1st prize, $3, Neil McLeod, Strathalbyn; 2nd prize, $2, Alex. McDonald.

Best dressed boy in Highland costume-1st prize, $5, Edward B. McLeod, 2nd do., $2, Henry F. and Charles R., all sons of James McLeod, Charlottetown.

Tug of War-married vs. single-(confined to members of the Club); won by married men, 12 on each side-prize $12.

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