The Arbor Society, 1884

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Daily Examiner, May 20, 1884

The Arbor Society

At a meeting of the Arbor Society, held last evening, the plans prepared of the Squares and Streets were discussed and the following Special Committees were appointed:

QUEEN SQUARE – W. W. Sullivan, L. H. Davies, Donald Ferguson, Mayor Hooper, Dr. McLeod, Dr. Dodd, J. G. H. Brown, John Newson, Horace Haszard, Wm. Dodd, Wm. Weeks, A. B. McKenzie, David Sterling, Adam Murray, George Hughes, J. D. McLeod. James Beales, and Arthur Newbery, Secretary of Committee.

KING SQUARE – L. L. Bear, C. C. Gardiner, Dr. Beer, Mark Wright, Arch. White, John Whear, A. L. Bridges, E. W. Dawson, John Ball, Geo. D. Longworth, Jos. Mahar, Wm. Lowe, and H. W. Beer, Secretary of Committee.

HILLSBOROUGH SQUARE – Neil McLeod, Wm. Murphy, Thomas Casley, John A.Moore, Charles Palmer, A. A. McLean, Percy Pope, Benj. Rogers, Wm. Kennedy, Charles Smallwood, Edward Davy, and A. McNeill, Secretary of Committee.

ROCHFORD SQUARE– Wm. A. Weeks, Rev. Geo. W. Hodgson, H. C. Douse, R. R. Hodgson, Thos. Handrahan, T. W. Dodd, David Bethune, John Nicholson, Henry Cundall, T. B. McLean, Angus D. Martin, and W. C. Harris, Secretary of Committee.

LOWER GEORGE STREET – A. A. MacDonald, T. C. Robins, W. L. Cotton, Richard Heartz, Henry Mutch, T. L. Haszard, James Byrne, Patrick Blake, John Ings, and Richard Reddin, P. R.
Bowers, Secretary of Committee.

The Secretary of each Committee is requested to summon the committee to meet at 10 o'clock, a. m., on Thursday next, on the Square under their supervision, in order to make the necessary preliminary arrangements for Saturday.

Parties desiring to plant any of the prescribed trees, will be furnished by the Secretaries of the Special Committees with tickets for that purpose.

H. C. MACDONALD, Secretary.

Note: Many of the trees planted during this effort fell victim to Hurricane Juan on Sept 29, 2003. A large number of these were beautiful old Elms planted in the 1880's on Charlottetown's squares and streets by the Arbor Society. Some had survived Dutch Elm disease, but the number of survivors has dwindled severely thanks to the hurricane.

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