Souris Literary and Debating Club, 1885

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Souris Literary and Debating Club, 1885


Souris Literary and Debating Club

(As printed in The Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, December 23, 1885.)

SIR,: On Saturday evening last a number of gentlemen met in the store of James H. McLean, Esq., for the purpose of taking into consideration the advisability of organising a Literary Society and Debating Club for the present winter.

On a motion, Sheriff McDonald was called to the chair, and the undersigned Secretary.

It was moved by Dr. Muttart and seconded by J. J. Hughes that those present do form themselves into a society, to be known as the "Souris Literary Institute". Motion carried.

The following officers were then elected, viz.: President, James McDonald, Esq., High Sheriff; Vice-President, James R. McLean, Esq., M. P. P.; Secretary-Treasurer, James J. Hughes, Esq.

A Committee of Management, composed of the following gentlemen was next elected, with power to add to their numbers, viz.: Messrs. James McBride, George B. McEachern, Dr. Muttart, James Moynagh, Jr., Samuel Sterns, Stephen R. McLean, John McLean, M..P.P., Andrew O'Hanlen, Donald McEachern, C. J. Haley, S. P. Campbell, Thomas Kickham, John Cantwell, and Marshal Paquett.

A committee of five was next appointed, viz; James McBride, Dr. Muttart, George B. McEachern, J. J. Hughes, and T. C. Ross, to prepare the Constitution and By- Laws of the Institute, the same to be submitted for approval to the Institute at its first regular meeting.

A committee of three was also appointed, viz.: C. J. Haley, Stephen R. Mclean and Sheriff McDonald, to procure a suitable Hall in which the Institute could hold its meetings, to see that the same be properly lighted and heated, and to provide the necessary seating accommodation, after which the meeting adjourned, to meet again when called together by the Secretary, due notice of the time and place to be posted up in the Post Office.

Yours truly,

J. J. Hughes, Secretary.

Souris East, Dec. 21, 1885

(Patriot and Herald please copy.)

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