New Vessel Registrations, 1890

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

As printed in the Daily Examiner, January 4, 1891:

New Shipping


Jan. 3 – Sch Olivia, 40 tons, built at Tatamagouche, N. S.; Alex McDougall, Belle Creek, owner.

Jan 23 – Sch P. L. G., 67 tons, built at Little River, Richmond County, N. S.; James Augustus Down, Charlottetown, owner.

Feb 17 – Sch Brilliant, 76 tons, built at LaHave, N. S.; George Coombs, Charlottetown, owner.

March 15 – Sch. Margaret, 39 tons, built at Seven Mile Bay, P. E. I.; Neil McMillan, Wood Islands, owner.

April 23 – Sch Sunlight, 99 tons, built at Souris, P. E. I.; Thomas Kickham, Souris, owner.

April 30 – Sch Cardigan, 38 tons, built at Cardigan, P. E. I.; Neil McLeod, Cardigan, owner.

May 2 – Sch Spy, 18 tons, built at Chatham, N. B.; Emily K. Brennan, Alberton, owner.

May 10 – Sch Brother and Sister, 26 tons, built at Souris, P. E. I.; John McLean, Souris, owner.

May 26 – Sch J. H. Hiltz, 56 tons, built at Mahone Bay, N. S.; Peter Clarkin, Charlottetown, owner.

May 30 – Sch Jennie Armstrong, 66 tons, built at Wiscasset, Me, US; James Grady, Summerside, owner.

July 12 – Sch Sea Foam, 15 tons, built at Malpeque, P E. I.; Wm. Geo. Ramsay, Malpeque, owner.

July 17 – Sch Hattie F., 35 tons, built at East Port Medway, N. S.; Neil McLeod, New London, owner.

Sept 3 – Sch Julia Ward, 39 tons, built at Murray Harbor, P. E. I., Daniel Davies, Charlottetown, owner.

Sept. 23 – Barkentine Romana, 419 tons, built at Bideford, P. E. I., Eng Lloyds, 10 A1; William Richards, Bideford, owner.

Oct 21 – Barkentine Sidonian, 410 tons, built at Grand River, Lot 14, P. E. I; Eng. Lloyds, 10A; John Yeo, Port Hill, owner.

Nov. 4 – Sch Brudenell, 95 tons, built at Georgetown, P. E. I.; Eng. Lloyds, 10 A 1;
Daniel Gordon, Georgetown, owner.

Nov 19 – Sch Azaf, 38 tons, built Argyle, N. S.; George Allen, Cape Tormentine, owner.

Nov 19 – Brigt Zenith, 216 tons, built at Mount Stewart, P. E. I.; Eng Lloyds, 9 A1, George Peake, Charlottetown, owner.

Nov. 21 – Sch Bessie S. Keefer, 80 tons, built at Murray Harbor, P. E. I.; John W. Horton, Murray Harbor, owner.

Nov. 28 – Sch Minnie Scott, 24 tons, built at Wallace, N. S.; Alex Ellis Kennedy, Summerside, owner.

Dec. 9 – Brigt Caspian, 297 tons, built at Cardigan, P. E. I.; Eng Lloyds, 9A; James Musterd, Cardigan, owner.

Dec. 19 – Brigt Lizzie Horton, 289 tons, built at Murray River, P. E. I; Am Record, A;
Wm McLure, Murray River, owner.

Dec. 30 – Sch Wild Brier C, 24 tons, built at Miminigash, P. E. I; Walter Matheson, Charlottetown, owner.

23 vessels – in all aggregating 2,506 tons.


13 barques measuring..... 8,779 tons
11 barkentines..................4,220 tons
1 brig................................ 167 tons
14 brigantines..................3,239 tons
173 schooners..................7,218 tons
1 sloop.................................12 tons
18 steamers......................2,244 tons

231 vessels......................26,080 tons.

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