Departure of Mr. P. C. Murphy, Station Agent, Bloomfield 1890

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, Sept. 16, 1890.

Departure of Mr. P. C. Murphy, Station Agent, Bloomfield.

"Mr P. C. Murphy, Station Agent, Bloomfield, has resigned his position on the [rail]road to enter the University College, New York City, for the study of medicine.....During the past eighteen months, Mr. Murphy has acquired a splendid knowledge of Greek, french and Latin Classics, as well as making primary studies in medicine with Dr. McLaughlin of O'Leary

Wishing you every blessing and success, ....we beg to subscribe ourselves:

Felix VonBlerk, P. P

John A Matheson, M P P

A. E. Burke, PP

Laurence Doyle, J P

D. O'Sullivan, J P

John Dorion, J P

Thos. Gorman J P

Peter Doyle, J P

Thos. Butler, J P

John Hughes,

John McCarthy

Alex McDonald

Thomas Doyle

John Doyle

John Pratt

McCaul & Co

William Saunders

Peter Saunders

Florence Peters

Jeremiah P Blanchard

James O'Hallerin

John Donahoe

Charles Harrington

James Coyle

Fabien Peters

William Haney

David Coughlin

David Botts

Law Botts

Arch McAusland

Michael Broyderick

Ben Rix

Jas. E. Palmer

William Donahoe

Syl Blanchard

Jos. H. Blanchard

John M. O'Hallerin

M. O'Hallerin

Jas. A O'Hallerin

Jas. C. McKendrick

P. Axworthy

M. Doyle

Alonzo Thompson

R. McMillan

John Saunders

D. Graham

P. Kelly

Stephen O'Hallerin

and many others."

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