Crapaud Carnival, 1892

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, Feb. 6, 1892.


The Carnival at Victoria Friday night last was a great success financially and otherwise. The storm the night previous prevented a great many from attending. The Summerside - and discoursed sweet music, and they deserved credit for coming through the almost impassable state of the roads. The committee of management did all in their power to make the evening pass agreeably and pleasantly, and we believe everyone was satisfied with the evening's sport.

Following is a list of the costumes:


Ada Clark, Ada Lord - Quaker Ladies

Katie McLean - Poppies

Jessie Clark - Margery

Laura Crossman - Cherry Ripe

Maud Rogerson - Acadian girl

Annie Brien - Maud Muller

Olive Hudson - Spanish Girl

Bertie Leard - Shawl Girl

Vera Lea, Granville Lord, Birdie Myers - Faith, Hope, and Charity

Minnie Lea, Laura McQuarrie - Pens, Ink and Paper

Annie Lord - Summer

Mrs. W. McQuarrie - Not all Gold that Glitters

Ella May Simmons - Lawn Tennis

Mrs. Chas. Straight - Tea Advertiser



Allie McLean - Allen Dhu

A. S. Urquhart - Hockey Club

Harry Clark - Cow Boy

Arthur Clark - Midshipman

Fred Clark - Indian Chief

Willie Clark - Free and Easy

Roy Lea - Biddy O'Slime

Arthur Doyle - African Chief

Bert McCaul - Little Joker

Bradford Birch - Diamond Dyes

Milton Schurman - Blacksmith

John Wonnacott - Robbie Burns

F. A. Lefurgey, W. S. Clark - Electric Lights

John Lea - Snow Shoer

John Campbell - Stripes

Albert Rogers - Go Easy

C. F. Collett - Russian Prince

Charles Snow - Forrester

Spurgeon Francis - Rob Roy

R. H. L. Clark - Colored Boy

Clark - Jesse James

Charles Leard - Very Heavy

Seymour Myers, George Holmes - Clowns

Wesley Snow - Go-as-you-Please

Robbie Leard - Cinderella

C. Straight - Jolly Tar

Walter Lea - Student

Aaron Collett - Don't Know What

W. S. Lea - Cricketer

Thomas Stordy - African Soldier

Russell Wright - Cabin Boy

C. McVittie - Baseball.

Clarence Meyers - Quarter Master.


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