Crapaud Literary Society, 1892

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Crapaud Literary Society - Daily Examiner, Feb. 16, 1892

A literary society has been organized at Crapaud, with a membership of twenty-five. The following are the officers: G. U. Stevenson, President; J. F. Covey, M. D., Vice-President; O. B. Wadman, Secretary-Treasurer; R. H. Cameron, Alonzo E. Trowsdale and Albert Sturdy(?), Executive Committee. The Society meets on Friday evening of each week at 7:30 o'clock. The subject for discussion last evening was "Which is the greatest evil in the world, war or intemperance?" After a lengthy discussion, the house was divided on the question, a majority appearing in favor of intemperance being the greatest evil.

O. B. WADMAN, Secretary.

Crapaud, Feb. 13, 1892

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