Residents of the Monaghan Barracks, 1892

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Daily Examiner, March 3, 1892.

Letter from the City Marshal, Charles Cameron, to The Rev. W. W. Brewer.

"In compliance with your request to me this morning, I beg leave to report as follows of the tenants in a building on Pownal Street, known as the Monaghan Barracks.

1. Annie Atkens, a working charwoman.
2. James Rush, a laboring man.
3. Two or three girls known as Buddie McDonald's, some of whom have been convicted of keeping a bawdy house and are not girls of good repute.
4. James McGregor, married on Saturday last in jail to a girl named Mary Ellen McKenna who did not bear a good character.
5. James Power, a laborer.
6. Neil McDonald, a laborer.
7. Mrs. Dunn, a woman previously convicted of keeping a bawdy house, now bearing an unsavory character.
8. Annie Debbins, a single woman, living alone and also with an unsavory character.
9. Two Mrs. Carpenters (colored) of whose character I know nothing.
10. James Kingslow, a laboring man.
11. Mrs. Clinton, a widow woman who bears a good character.
12. Mrs. Kilboy, I know nothing of her character.
13. Mrs. Mahar, a widow who keeps a little grocery and bears a good character.
14. Mrs. Quinn, sells liquor and has been convicted of a breech of the Lord's Day Act.
15. Charles Peck, a hardworking man.
16. Mrs. Burns, sells liquor and has been convicted of Sunday selling.
17. James Hughes, cabinet-maker, good character.
18. James Pyke, cabinet-maker, good character.
I am, yours,
Charles Cameron, City Marshal.
March 3, 1892.

March 9, 1892:
"Mr. James Power who figures in the list of the tenants of the "Monaghan Barracks," furnished Rev. Mr. Brewer by the City Marshal, denies that he lives there, but says he resides on Pownal Street. Mr. Power is an honest hard-working man and bears a good character."

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