Novitiates (male) from PEI, 1894

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, July 5, 1894.

The names of those who left for the novitiate at Amawalk, New York, with Brother Camillus, are as follows:

Joseph I. Bernard, Tignish Frank Gaudet, do.
Dominick Arsenault, Bloomfield John Gallant, do.
Clovis Arsenault, Egmont Bay Joseph F. Gallant, do.
Joseph O. Arsenault, do. Joseph LeClerc, do.
Etienne Bernard, do. Fidele Arsenault, do
Andrew A. Perry, Fifteen Point Pius Ellis, Grand River, Lot 14
Joseph R. McKinnon, do. Russell Gillis, Summerside
John T. Hennessey, Indian River Albert E. McDonald, Freetown
Michael Cunningham, Kinkora Aeneas A. Shreenan, do.
Joseph E. McCarvill, do. Albert Doiron, do.
John Cahill, do. Patrick S. Hughes, do.
Arthur Joseph Murphy, do. James Murphy, do.
James Power, Fort Augustus J. Byrne, Tracadie
Martin Power, Charlottetown P. Sims, do.

Note: A novitiate (also called a novice) is a member of a religious order who has not yet taken his/her vows.

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