Islanders in Boston, 1895

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Islanders in Boston, 1895

As printed in and written by VIATOR in the Sept. 30, Oct. 7, Oct. 15, and Oct. 23 issues of the Charlottetown Daily Examiner.

Oct 30, 1895:

Angus J. Murphy, who for years conducted a tailoring establishment on Upper Queen Street, this city, resides with his family on Dover Street, where he has branched out in business for himself.

George Davies, a son of the late James Davies who conducted the Osborne House for years, is one of the superintendents in Jordan, Marsh & Co's big establishment on Washington Street.

James Macleod, who was for years associated with John T. Mackenzie in the tailoring business in Charlottetown is now a resident of Boston, living with his family on Dwight Street.

M. P. Lavie, employed for years in the store of A. L. Brown, Charlottetown, is now with J. C. McCarthy, who conducts a big dry goods house on Tremont Street near the Common. Mr. Lavie resides at Jamaica Plain, a pretty suburb of Boston.

John Macdonald, who conducted the Bijou restaurant in the Cameron Block a few years ago, is employed in Osgoode's house furnishing establishment on Washington Street, one of the largest concerns of the kind in Boston.

Dr. Harry Macleod, son of James Macleod, formerly of Charlottetown is practicing his profession in Boston. His office is on Dwight Street.

James Murphy, who previous to his leaving Charlottetown some eight years ago, was employed in the tailoring establishment of the late Charles E. Robertson, is now in the real estate business in the Hub. He is employed by J. L. Plimpton, who owns considerable property in Boston and New York, and manages Mr. Plimpton's business in Boston. Mr. Murphy also dabbles in real estate on his own account, and has recently acquired some valuable property.

Peter Keefe, who taught school at Vernon River some years ago, is now head lineman for the West End Electric Railway Company.

Dr. W. G. Burke, formerly of Georgetown, is practicing his profession in Boston. His office is on Tremont Street.

Martin Murphy, who formerly worked in Goff Bros. boot and shoe factory, is now employed in Rice & Hutcheson's factory, Troy Street.

A. C. Rochefort, who for some time conducted Rochefort's Daily, is engaged in the publishing business, and has an office on Post Office Square.

Edward Macleod, who was formerly with John T. McKenzie in Charlottetown, is now a clerk in R. H. Clark & Co's establishment on Washington Street.

May Leahy, daughter of the late John Leahy, is cashier at the ladies' cafe of Clarke's Hotel, Washington Street.

James C. Macmahon, who was for some time employed in The Examiner office, is proof-reader on the Globe.

Mrs. Russel Hodgson, and Misses Florence Mackenzie and Bessie Wakefield, all of Charlottetown, are clerks in Jordan, Marsh & Co's establishment.

John C. Milford, who was for some time employed in the Apothecaries Hall, and who previous to his departure for the Hub conducted a drug store in Crapaud, is now engaged in Alexander's drug store, South Boston.

More anon.


October 7, 1895.

Joseph Morrisey, who taught school at Pownal for several years, is one of the clerks in the receiver's department of Jordan, Marsh & Co's establishment.

Patrick B. Lacey, who conducted a tailoring establishment on Queen Street, several years ago, is now in business for himself on Tremont Street.

Joseph F. Roche, son of Edward Roche of Charlottetown, is doing special work and proofreading on the Transcript. He is also Boston correspondent of the Dublin Freeman.

Frank Mitchell, for some time employed in Watson's drugstore, this city, is now chief clerk in Ferguson's drugstore, South Boston.

Dr. Miles Martin, formerly of this Province, is practicing his profession in the "Hub." His office is in the Westminster Hotel, Madison Park.

Charles Connors, brother-in-law of John McAleer, of Charlottetown, is second steward of the St. Botolph Club, a leading social institution of the Hub. His friends expect that he will be chief steward next summer.

Thomas Logan, formerly of Charlottetown, is now employed in a boot and shoe store on Federal Street. He occasionally finds time to woo the muses, and dear Prince Edward Island is invariably the burden of his song.

Richard Murphy, who worked at the shoemaking in Charlottetown some years ago, has branched out in the liquor business on Washington Street.

James Curran, who served his apprenticeship with Cairns & McLean, is now working at the stone-cutting in Boston.

Harry Crosskill, brother of Mr. W. H. Crosskill of Charlottetown, is a member of the editorial staff of the Herald.

Felix Martin, who left Charlottetown a year or two ago, is a motorman on the electric cars.

More anon.


October 15, 1895

A. E. Clarke, son of W. W. Clarke, is in a dental office on Tremont Street.

James Cormick, formerly of Charlottetown, is working at the painting in Boston.

Dr. Kier is practicing medicine in East Boston. He is the son of Dr. Kier of Malpeque.

A Mr. Shaw, formerly of West River, is one of the buyers for Jordan, Marsh & Co.

Frank Murphy, son of A. J. Murphy, is clerk in Ferguson's drug store, South Boston.

Angus McCallum, who was for years in the employ of W. W. Clarke, is motorman on the electric cars.

W. A. Brehaut, at one time Summerside correspondent of the Guardian, is a proof-reader on the Post.

Dr. Gahan, son of the late John Gahan, has an office on Tremont Street, where he is practicing his profession.

William M. Curtis, son of James F. Curtis, of the Custom's Department, is a clerk in Hopkin's Drugstore, Roxbury.

Arthur F. Morrow, son of F. E. Morrow, Sub-Collector of Customs at Souris, is engaged in the drug business in Lynn.

Dr. George Muttart, son of Dr. Muttart, of Souris, is practicing his profession in East Boston, where he is City Physician.

John McDonald, for some time in the employ of J. B. Macdonald & Co., is a clerk in Jordan, Marsh & Co's establishment.

Archibald Johnstone, who was for some time in J. T. McKenzie's employ is working at the tailoring business in Boston.

Joseph D. Macdonald, formerly of Souris, is now foreman of the metre (sic) department of the Boston Gas Light Co., on Federal Street.

Frank H. White, formerly in the employ of Matthew, McLean & Co., Souris, is now a clerk in Houston & Henderson's dry goods establishment.

Philip Woods, who left Souris some time ago, is now in the employ of B & F. Brown, manufacturers of the celebrated Brown's French Shoe dressing.

E. E. Cox, son of Jules Cox, Morell, formerly in the employ of Matthew, McLean & Co, Souris, is now in the grocery business, on Valentine Street, Roxbury.

Jas. Maskell, formerly of Souris, is at present in the employ of the Oriental Tea Co., on Scollany Square. Frank Morrow, son of F. E. Morris, Sub-Collector of Customs, Souris, is also employed in the same concern.

P. J. Foran, who at one time did a tailoring business in Charlottetown, has embarked in the same business in the "Hub." He has a store on Tremont Row, and is said to be largely interested in a shop on Dover Street.

John E. Macdonald, a former resident of Souris, is now foreman of the painting and decorating department of the Dalton, Ingersoll Co., manufacturers of plumbers' material, sanitary plumbing goods, etc., Oliver St. Fred Garrett, formerly in business with J. G. Sterns, Souris, is also concerned by the same concern.

More anon.

October 23, 1895

Harry Cameron, son of Mr. John Cameron, Millbrook, is a salesman in Chase & Sanborn's large tea and coffee establishment.

Robert Bridges and son, who conducted a butchering business in Charlottetown for many years, have a meat shop in South Boston.

John Gillis, jr., is studying electrical engineering in Boston. Mr. Gillis left Charlottetown about two months ago. Previous to his departure he was a clerk in (Doyle, Doll, Doull ?) & Rogers' establishment.

Artemas Allin, son of the late W. B. Allin, is engineer in the sugar refinery at Cambridge. Previous to leaving the province, Mr. Allin was employed in the railway machine shop.

James Scott, of Charlottetown, a brother of Mr. William Scott, is employed in Carmichael's hairdressing saloon,(!), on Warren Street. Another brother, Robert Scott, is proprietor of a restaurant at Roxbury Crossing.

Ivey (?) T. Warren, son of Mr. C. B. Warren, and lately in the employ of Mr. L. W. Watson, druggist of this city, has secured a position in Thomas Hollis's establishment on Union Street, one of the oldest wholesale and retail drugstores in Boston.

Joseph H. Macneill, son of Mr.Archibald Macneill, of this city, has a position as engineer with the New England Piano Company. He is an active member of the Brotherhood of Associated Engineers, of which order he is at present Grand Lecturer.

A. C. Parsons, who was for a number of years employed as a machinist in the railway works in Charlottetown, now holds a position in the power house of the West End Electric Railway Company. Mr. Parsons has held this position ever since he left here some four years ago.

James and John McCarron, who left Charlottetown some years ago, are now located in Mattapan, a short distance from Boston. They are engaged in the carpentering and contracting business. James and Joseph McCluskey , belonging to Emyvale in this province, are working with them.

Isaac Nelson, who worked at the blacksmith business at Montague Bridge for several years, is now chief engineer on a large freight steamer plying between Boston and Cuba. The chief steward on the same steamer is Daniel Music, formerly of Uigg, who was for a number of years on the surveying steamer Gulnare.


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