Examination At St. Ann's - 1895

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Examination At St. Ann's

(As printed in the Charlottetown Daily Examiner, July 4, 1895)

The half-yearly examination and distribution of prizes took place at the above school on Friday, 28th June. There were present, Messrs. Joseph McAleer, Patrick Doyle and B. Quinn, Trustees; Rev. James E. McDonald, P.P., Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sullivan, Mr . And Mrs. P. Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. L. Peters and Mr. William Proctor. The classes were examined by Rev. Jas. E. McDonald and Mr. Amos Monaghan, of Kelly's Cross. The students acquitted themselves to the satisfaction of all; but arithmetic was hardly up to their standing in other branches. The keen competition in the different classes made it almost impossible to say who should have the prize. Much credit is due the Rev. Father James for his untiring efforts in this school. His presence on examination day encouraged teacher, pupils, and parents. The following is the standing:

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