Supreme Court, Prince County, 1896

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Submitted by Christine Gorman


From the Daily Examiner, October 6, 1896

The October term of the Supreme Court met in Summerside this forenoon at 11 o'clock, Mr. Justice Fitzgerald presiding.

The following gentlemen compose the Grand Jury:

John T. Mullen, Kensington, Foreman.

Peter Gorman, Kensington

Peter McNeill, New Village

James W. Riley, Linkletter Road

John T. Murphy, Emerald

Peter Doyle, Norway, Lot 4

Peter Stavert, Wilmot Creek

Robert F. Bowness, Summerside

Owen Hughes, Kinkora

David Rogers, Freetown

Cornelius Rowe, Summerside

Phillip Stewart, West Cape

Henry A. Darby, Egmont Bay

Thomas Townsend, Traveller's Rest

Maurice Wright, Central Bedeque

Elisha Wright, Summerside

John Morrison, Alberton

Benjamin Cole, Bedeque

Charles Dawson, Tignish

Major Wright, Centreville

Benjamin Tanton, St. Eleanor's

John Wade, Kildare.


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