Teachers' Certificates, 1896

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, June 15, 1896.


Total number of marks, 1,400; necessary to obtain a license, 840.

Donald Montgomery, Valleyfield, 1,095

Wm. S. Lea., Tryon, 1,091

Wm. Haberlin, Murray Harbor, 1040

Howard Dutcher, city, 997

Frank Sterns, city, 983

Malcolm Matheson, Heatherdale, 965

Bernard Macdonald, St. Dunstan's 942

Frank Delahunty, Cherry Valley, 935

Wm. McKie, city, 929

Chas. C. Richards, city, 928

Harry McFarlane, Souris, 919

Edgar Shaw, Brackley Point, 904

John Grant, Millview, 891

Alma Robertson, city, 890

Maggie Curley, city, 873

Hensley Stavert, Freetown, 853

Guy Cameron, Murray Harbor, 852

Nellie Nicholson, Crapaud, 841

The following have failed to make the number of marks required to obtain a first-class license, have passed for second-class in the order of merit.

Eva Beers, city

Maggie Gaffney, Summerside

Genevieve Macdonald, Cardigan

Mabel Burrows, Summerside

Susie Nash, city

Robert Smith, city

Louise Gaffney, Summerside

Brinsley Foley, St. Dunstan's

Oscar Roberts, Murray Harbor

John McPherson, Uigg

John W. McLeod, Uigg

Edith Finlayson, city.


Total number of marks, 1400; necessary to obtain a license, 840:

Wm. E. Cameron, Cross Rivers, 1117

Arthur Doyle, Victoria, 1088

Maggie McFadyen, Royalty, 1070

Arsine Poirier, Miscouche, 1952

Bruno Martin, Rustico, 1047

John J. Campbell, Greenvale, 1046

Nellie McCarthy, Tignish, 1942

Cecilia Cass, East Wiltshire, 1035

Geo. A. Hardy, Alberton, 1034

Wm. McMillan, Lower Montague, 1034

Daniel Croken, Freetown, 1029

Edmund Grady, Hope River, 1027

John Robertson, city, 1026

Daniel Johnston, Brackley Point, 1023

Fred. Clarke, Alberton, 1019

Thos. D. Carruthers, Victoria, 997

Lemuel Miller, city, 995

Mary Malone, Kelly's Cross, 986

Mary Nantes, Maplewood, 984

Charles Lund, Mount Herbert, 982

Joseph Doyle, French Village, 981

John McLeod, Hartsville, 978

Ernest Bowness, Kensington, 976

Clara Hall, Summerside, 974

Chester Arthur, Alberton, 974

Regina Macdonald, Kelly's Cross, 973

James McGuigan, South Melville, 966

Fred. Bowness, Kensington, 964

James Rodd, Brackley Point, 963

Harry Ritchie, city, 959

John Lacey, Tracadie, 959

Ernest Weeks, Fredericton, 937

Ada Schurman, Long Creek, 950

Sadie Fraser, Belmont, 948

Samuel Nicholson, Souris West, 946

Angus McWilliams, Eldon, 944

Kate Ready, Tignish, 939

Warburton Murray, Fredericton, 937

Fenton T. Aitken, Lower Montague, 934

Maggie McLaughlin, Tracadie, 931

Sarah Ready, Tignish, 931

Ella Morrow, Souris, 924

Archibald Smith, New Glasgow, 920

Veronica Trainor, South Melville, 917

Louise Barrett, city, 904

Wallace Ellis, Suffolk, 896

Temple McIntyre, Souris, 893

Eliza McKenzie, Flat River, 893

Pius Ellis, Cross River, 891

Minnie Duffy, Fort Augustus, 888

Eugenie Macdonald, Kelly's Cross, 886

Mary Laird, Summerside, 882

Minnie Keith, Montague, 882

Harriet McFarlane, Sea Cow Head, 881

Florence Phillips, Murray Harbor, 879

Harriet Matthews, Alberton, 877

Frank Egan, Mount Stewart, 864

D. J. McCarthy, Souris West, 862

George Montgomery, Alberton, 862

Linnie Dingwell, Souris, 861

Ernestine Grant, Millview, 860

Foster White, Alberton, 857

Elliott Fraser, Montague, 854

Mary Dunphy, Souris, 849

Annie Koughan, Elliotvale, 846

Maggie Mahar, St. Mary's Road, 839

Mary E. Smith, Roseneath, 836

H. R. Vessey, York, 836

Janie McDonald, Indian River (no mark given.)


Note - By consent of the Board of Education, those whose names appeared in the issue of the 27th ult, as winners of diplomas, were not required to take the license examinations; consequently their names do not appear in the above list.

From the Daily Examiner, May 27, 1896:


The Commencement exercises to be Held at the Opera House.

The Commencement Exercises of the Prince of Wales College will take place in the Opera House this evening at eight o'clock. An admission fee of ten cents will be charged to cover expenses. The following programme has been prepared for the occasion.

College Song


Essay - "Robert Burns"

P. McLeod.

Essay - "Joan of Arc"

Carrie Holman.


Lizzie Anderson.

Essay - "Keats"

Edith Anderson.

Chorus - "Rule Britannia"


Valedictory - Edwin Crockett.


Chorus - "Trabling (?) Back to Georga (?)"



Dr. Anderson.


Misses L. and A. Anderson.

Presentation of Medals and Diplomas.



D. Ross, F. White, H. Ritchie and W. Bradley.

Addresses by Dr. McPhail and Judge Fitzgerald.




Address to Graduates

J. H. Bell, M. A.

Chorus - "Old Man Moses"


Address - Lieutenant Governor Howlan.


Chorus - "May God Preserve Thee, Canada."


Parting Song


God Save the Queen.


Following is the HONOUR LIST.

Graduating Diplomas.

Honor Diplomas:

Edwin Crockett, York, 95

Edith Anderson, Summerside, 93

Montague Johnstone, Montague, 90

Margaret James, Charlottetown, 88

Daniel Ross, Bedeque, 88

Addison Anderson, Greenwich, 87

Parmenas McLeod, Georgetown, 86

Carrie Holman, Summerside, 81

Frederick Haszard, Charlottetown, 79


First Class, Ordinary Diplomas __

Elsie McNeill, Bayview, 91

Vernon Shaw, Brackley Point, 88

Morley Seller, Union Road, 86

Herbert Martin, Montague, 85

Sadie Robertson, Carleton, 84

Cyrus McMillan, Charlottetown, 84

Alexander Campbell, Souris West, 84

Beatrice McIntyre, Charlottetown, 83

Edwin Simpson, St. Eleanors, 83

Edgar Sterns, Charlottetown, 83

Ida Scott, North River, 81

Norman A. Campbell, Darlington, 81

Stuart McNeill, Rocky Point, 81

Mabel Yeo, Charlottetown,80

William Newson, Charlottetown, 79

Lizzie Dickieson, New Dominion, 76

Percy Crosby, Marshfield, 75.


Second Class Ordinary Diplomas -

Edna Laird, Bedeque, 73

C. C. Richards, Charlottetown, &0

Frank Sterns, Charlottetown, 66

Daniel McRae, Charlottetown, 65.


The McPhail Gold Medal, awarded to the best student - Edwin Crockett.

Governor-General's Silver Medal, for excellence in Mathematics - Edith Anderson.

Vice Chancellor's Medal, awarded to the best student in English - Margaret James.

Governor-General's Bronze Medal, awarded to the best teacher - Addison Anderson.

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