White Sands Social, 1896

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, January 17, 1896

The White Sands Pie Social.

A grand Pie Social was held in the White Sands schoolhouse on Friday evening, the 10th of January instant. Although the night was stormy, the schoolhouse was crowded, even standing room was difficult to find. All the ladies from the district were present besides a large number from the adjoining districts. At 7 o'clock, sharp, the curtain was drawn and the performance began. John Kiely, Esq., presided. Besides the local talent that assisted, we had from High Bank, Mrs. Hammond Nicolle, Miss Katie McSwain, Miss Flora C. McPhee, Miss Christie McLeod and Miss Minnie Jordan, Caleb Jordan, Wycliffe Jordan, Henry Jordan.

The order was excellent. The following programme was disposed of in a manner that did great credit to the various performers. Each selection was greeted with great applause.

Chorus - "Happy Greetings to All"


Recitation - "Socrates Snocks"

Miss Maggy Kiely.(Shocks? Knocks?)

Violin Music

Jordan Brothers.

Recitation - "Is it Anybody's Business?"

Miss Flora C. McPhee.

Vocal Trio - "Annie Laurie"

Mrs. H. Nicolle, Miss Christie McSwain and Miss Katie McSwain.

Recitation - "The Country Justice"

Mr. David Brooks.

Reading - "William's Choice"

Miss Maggie Bull.

Violin Music

Jordan Brothers and Henry Beck.

Recitation "How Mike Milligan Lost His Head."

Luther Jordan.

Song - "Mush, Mush"

Luther Jordan.

Chorus - "Red, White and Blue"


Recitation - "The Guilty Child"

Miss Lauretta Ferguson.

Song - "Old Rustic Bridge"

Miss Flora C. McPhee.

Reading - "Paddy's Courting"

John R. Kiely.

Vocal Duet

Mr. Caleb Jordan and Miss Cassie Beck

Reading - "Mr. Blitkins' First Baby"

Miss Bessie Clements

Violin Music

Jordan Brothers and Henry Beck.

Vocal Duet - "The Highland Laddie."

Mrs. H. Nicolle and Miss C. McLeod.

Stump Speech

Mr. Henry Jordan.

Vocal Duet - "Is There Room for Mary There?"

Miss M. Jordan and Miss C. Beck.

Round, by three - "Good Night"

Mrs. H. Nicolle, Miss M. Jordan, and Miss C. Beck.

After the programme was ended, the selling of pies began. Mr David Glover acted as auctioneer, and did his part in a very able manner. The pies were all knocked down at a good figure.

Many thanks are due to the Committee in Charge, especially to Mr. William Glover and Mr. William Clements, who know well how to make their neighbors feel happy on a stormy night like the 10th. A nice sum was realized and is for the benefit of the School District. After the pies were sold, each went her own way, accompanied by him.


White Sands, Jan. 13, 1896.

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