1897 Honors List, Prince of Wales College

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Honors List, Prince of Wales College

From the Daily Examiner, June 2, 1897.


Honors Diplomas:

Samuel Willis, Kingston, 93

Edgar Sterns, Ch'town 92

Vernon Shaw, Brackley Point, 88

Cyrus MacMillan, Ch'town, 84

William Newson, Ch'town, 82

Lloyd Lodge, Ch'town, 80

Daniel McRae, Ch'town, 79

Robert E. Smith, Ch'town, 76


First Class Ordinary Diploma:

Lemuel Miller, Ch'town, 87

Nellie Hodgson, Ch'town, 84

Ella Morrow, Souris, 84

Newton Wilkinson, Alberton, 83

John F. Robertson, Ch'town, 83

Ernest Bowness, Kensington, 83

Mary Robertson, North River, 78

Maggie Smith, Ch'town, 78

Nelson Pickard, Ch'town, 78

George Montgomery, Alberton, 78

Mollie Sterns, Souris, 77

Adel McLeod, Summerside, 76

Alice Murchison, North River, 76.



Second Class Ordinary Diploma:

Frederick Brehaut, Ch'town, 72

Elsie LePage, Ch'town, 71

Grace Dutcher, Ch'town, 71

Harry Ritchie, Ch'town, 70

Mary Irving, Ch'town, 68

Nellie Sterns, Souris, 67

Lizzie Anderson, Ch'town, 65

Mary LePage, Ch'town, 63

George Finlayson, Ch'town, 62

Ada McPherson, Ch'town, 61


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