Souris Convent School Prizes, 1897

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Souris Convent School Prizes

Daily Examiner, July, 3, 1897.

Distribution to the pupils of the Superior Course, which includes Writing, Reading, History, Geography, Physiology, Astronomy, Grammar, Literature, French, Latin, Geometry, Algebra and Arithmetic -

1. Jennie Gregory and Anna Belle Isle: These two young ladies are promoted to the undergraduate Course, and receive silver medals.

Honors of the course, presented by a friend of the institution - Jennie Gregory; also receives the first French prize, a generous gift of Father McLellan, pastor of St. Margaret's church.

Honorable mention for constant application, Elsie McBride, who being absent the greater part of the scholastic year, is not entitled to a premium.

Distribution of prizes to the Third Primary Class, which included Reading, Spelling, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar and Drawing:

First Division - 1, Mary McPhee, Margaret McIntyre, Catherine A. McPhee, Cornelia Paquette; 2, Maggie Jane McPhee, Eva Lyons, Maud Knox, Nellie McPhee.

Second Division, prizes for application - Florence McDonald, Regina Hann, Valeria Cheverie, Matilda McDonald, Zita Cormier, ------- Shea, Mary M. McDonald, Margaret Bert Ida McDonald.

Third Division - Georgina O'Donnell, Mary Isabella Conroy, Annie McEachern, Mary Luce Belle Isle, Jeannette Cheverie, Artemise Paquette, Josephine McQuaid, Katie Cheverie, Evangeline Paquette, Gussie Cheverie, Agnes McInnis.

Good Conduct - Mary Jane Conway, Emma Aylward, Mollie McEachern.

Forty little misses are not entitled to premiums on account of irregular attendance.

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