The Mayoralty, 1898

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, January 21, 1898. (Electors of Charlottetown 1898)

The Mayoralty

Charlottetown, Jan 17, 1898


We the undersigned electors of Charlottetown do most respectfully request that you accept the nomination for the Mayor of the City at the forthcoming election, and we hereby promise you our votes and support:---

Geo M Munro

Geo McInnis

Ellis Schurman

Thos Howatt

W J Boswell

J J McKinnon

D J Riley

John T McKenzie

J D Reid

J A Webster

H W Longworth

Alex McKenzie

Walter Matheson

R K Jost

R S Farquharson

W W Rodd

Patk McCarey

Jas R Turner

Frank Beales

M D McDougall

J K Ross

S J Whitlock

A R Crosby

Jas Bell

E W Taylor

Lemuel Philips

C H Chandler

Josiah Carmody

R Fennel

D Currie

Wm Vessey

F H Beer

M A Allan

Arch Kennedy

C B Chappell

W H Aitken

Geo Rodd

Geo W Ritchie

Albert Duchemin

J W S McLeod

Geo E Full

B F Messervey

Geo Coombs

Chas Bridges

D Howlett

Geo Walker

J Matheson

R C Goff

Sylvester D McDonald

J A Lawson

H M Mabon

J N Robertson

John Ross

B Trainor

Jas Quinn

Francis Hearn

W R Boreham

Dominick McDonald

Jas Carter

H W Flaiger

W J Fraser

Jas Kelly

S Sanderson

Walter McGregor

L S McNutt

Donald Currie

L B McMillan

Murdock McLeod

A Pallin

W Gillespie

H V Bryenton

E H Hobbs

H B Wright

E N Younker

Otto R Crabbe

E H Duchemin

W C Hobkirk

Neil McNevin

C W Bourk

Henry Huntley

H E Holl

Isaac Lane

A D McDonald

Fred Parkman

Theo Vaniderstine

John Gay

E Toombs, jr.

Felix A Hughes

Henry Rackham

H B Robinson

Geo Stanley

S R Ingram

B C Prowse

G D Longworth

Edward Chandler

C H B Longworth

M W Nelson

A McDonald

W A Hutcheson

Jas Calder, sr.

Geo Rackham

Henry C Lowe

Geo J Rogers

Samuel Lowe

L E Prowse

Robt S McKelvie

G B Norton

Michael Pidgeon

Jas Calder, jr

Ewen Cameron

J S Nelson

Benj Rogers, jr

D A Bruce

Jos Darke

Chas Horne

John Gillis

Arch McNeil

W P Colwil

G C Acorn

A H Clements

Duncan McMillan

H J Worth

Allan McInnis

G D Wright

A Saunders

F H Seller

T C James, jr

E H Beer

Wm Brehaut

Jas Dewar

L J Sentner

Edward Waller

Isaac Carter

D Livingstone

Benj Bremner

Lewis B Wood

L W Watson

Geo Drew

A B McKenzie

John J Doyle

A Gates

Mark Wright

G H Taylor

W W Beer

W G Fyfe

Geo A Matheson

J M Hanson

Geo W Gardiner

J A Stewart

R M Johnson

Wm Diamond

B Seller

W A Ritchie

A L Beer

Jos Warren

Benj Rogers

Bruce Stewart

W A Stewart

Daniel D Morrison

Matthew Stephenson

Andrew Smith

John A Wares

John Hoar


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