New Vessel Registrations, 1898

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Submitted by Christine Gorman -

As printed in the Daily Examiner, January 3, 1899

A List of Vessels Registered at the Port of Charlottetown During the Year ending 31st December 1998.

April 15, schooner, Precursor, built at Tusket, N. S., 46 tons, owned by Alexander F. Bruce,Valleyfield, King's Co.

August 17, schooner Two Brothers, built at Miramichi, N. B., 26 tons, owned by John McNeill, Wood Islands.

August 29, schooner Arclight, built at Souris, P E Island, 103 tons, owned by Thomas Kickham, Souris.

August 30, schooner, Stanley Mac, built at Isaac's Harbour, N. S., 99 tons, owned by Charles Lyons, Ch'town.

Sept. 10, schooner, Lady May, built at Belle River, P. E. Island, 21 tons, owned by Finley J. G. McDougall, Belle River.

Sept. 29, schooner, James W, built at Montague, P. E. Island, 150 tons, classed English Lloyds 9 A, owned by George Wightman, Montague.

October 10, schooner Stroller, built at Port Hawkesbury, N. S., 12 tons, owned by Charles Poston Flockton, Abel's Cape, Bay Fortune.

October 24, schooner Sir Louis, built at Malpeque, P. E. Island, American Bureau, 9 A1, Peter McNutt, Darnley.

5 new vessels, 372 tons; 3 vessels transferred from other ports, 171 tons;

Total, 8 vessels measuring 543 tons net.

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