1899 Boer War Articles

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The Daily Examiner, October 16, 1899:

"Call to Arms" " Men who are desirous of enlisting should make application to the District Commanding Officer or to a Commanding Officer of a Company. The ages of applicants must range from 22 to 40, and the height must be at least 5 feet 6 inches, while the chest measurement must be 34 inches."

The Daily Examiner, October 18, 1899:

PEI's FIRST Contingent of Men to go to South Africa.

ISLANDERS FOR SOUTH AFRICA: Names of P. E. Island Volunteers Enrolled for Active Service

Officers have volunteered as follows:

Lt-Col. Moore, D. O. C.
Major Weeks, Engineers.
Captain F. W. L. Moore, No. 2 Co., 4th Regt. Artillery.
Capt. J. M. Jones, No. 2 Co., 82nd Battalion.
Lieut. J. A. McDonald, Adjutant, 82nd Battalion.
Lieut A. J. B. Mellish, No. 1 Co., 82nd Battalion.
Lieut. Arthur G. Peake, No. 2 Co., 4th Regt. Artillery.
Second Lieutenant C. C. Richards, No. 2 Co., 4th Regt. C. A.
Second Lieutenant Lorne Stewart, No. 3 Co., 82nd Battalion.
Second Lieutenant J. P. Leslie, No. 4 Co., 4th Regt. Artillery.
Surgeon-Capt. H. D. Johnson, M. D.

The following non-commissioned officers of the 82nd Battalion have volunteered:

A. R. Dillon

James Walker

Wm. J. Seaman

Fred Dollar

F. B. McRae

D. P. McRae

W. J. Ballem

F. R. Darke

Sol. Vail

Reg Cox

E. W. Bowness

P. McQuaid

Jos Gillis

Ernest Davy

Arthur Davy

Fred Waye

David Stevenson

John J. Chappel, Jr.

George Rodd

H. H. Brown

J. Archibald Harris

Jas. D. Offer

Walter Lane


The following from the Charlottetown engineer Company have volunteered:

J. Towan

John Boudreau

Nelson Brace

Walter A. Crockett

Fred C. Furze

Geo. Brown

Heath Coombs

Jack S. Robinson

J. C. Ward

Necy Doiron

1 Alfred Riggs

1 R. D. Taylor

The following who are not active members of the militia have also volunteered:

Geo. E. Powers
A. D. Gough
Ernest Lord
Clayton Adams

The following from the two city companies of Artillery have also volunteered:

No. 1 Co.:
Joseph O'Rielly.
E. A. Small.H. V. McKinnon.
Bugler J. Jenkins, and another.

No. 2 Co.:
Hurdis McLean.
James Matheson.
Fred Chandler

The Daily Examiner, October 20, 1899:

There are upwards of two or three hundred volunteers.

From the city companies, the following have offered in addition to those whose names have already been published.

Corp. Gaudet, No. 2 Artillery.
Jos. Stewart, Engineers.
D. McBeth, Engineers.

From No. 4 Co. C. A., Souris, the following have volunteered for service:

Corp. Geo. Thistle

Sgt. Peter A. McIsaac

Corp. Percy Ledwell

Gr. Michael McCarty

Gr. Frank McDonald

Gr. Emanuel McDonald

Gr. Neil McDonald

Gr. John McIsaac

Gr. Aeneas P. Campbell

Gr. Joseph McNeill

Gr. Alex McCormack


The following are form No. 8 Co., 82nd Battalion:

Everett Ives

Tremain Dawson

J. W. Boulter

W. Morrison

Fred Bell

Jos. Muirhead

George Irving

Easton Mabey

The Daily Examiner, October 23, 1899:

The complete list of the men who are to uphold the credit of the Island province in the fight with the Boers will be found below:

Hurdis L. McLean, No. 1 Co, 82nd Batt.

J. S. Walker, No. 1 Co. 82nd Batt.

A. R. Dillon, No. 1 Co., 82nd Batt

James Matheson, No. 2 Co Artillery.

Joseph O'Reilly, No. 1 Co. Artillery

H. V McKinnon, No 1 Co Artillery.

Fred Furze, engineers

John Boudreau, Engineers

H. H. Brown, 82nd Batt.

F. W. Bowness, 82nd Batt

1 Alfred Riggs, Engineers

J. E. Small, No 1 Co. Artillery

L. Gaudet, No 2 Company, Artillery

1 R. D. Taylor, Engineers

Reg. Cox, No. 3 Co., 82nd Batt.

Walter Lane, No 1, 82nd Batt.

John Arch. Harris, No. 1, 82nd Batt.

Thos Leslie MacBeth, No. 3, 82nd Batt.

Leroy Harris, no. 1, 82nd Batt.

Thomas Ambrose Rodd, No. 1, 82nd Batt.

Lorne Stewart, No. 3, 82nd Batt.

F. B. McRae, No. 2, 82nd Batt.

Richard Joseph Foley, Engineers

Nelson Brace, Engineers

M. J. McCarthy, No. 4 Co. Artillery

Joshua T. Leslie, No. 4. Co. Artillery

R. E. Lord, No. 3, 82nd Batt

Fred Waye, No. 5, 82nd Batt.

Arthur J. B, Mellish, No 1 82nd Batt.
Necy Doiron, Engineers.

The Daily Examiner October 24, 1899:

There was an Official List of Company Officers leaving for South Africa.

"G" Company, of soldiers from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, had the following officers:

Major W. A. Weeks, Charlottetown;
Engineers: Captain F. C. Jones, 3 Regt, C.A
Lieutenant J. H. C. Ogilvy, RCA; Second Lieutenant C. W. W. McLean, 8th Hussars.

The Canadian Transvaal Contingent non-commissioned officers and men will be furnished with the following equipment:

Great coat 1, helmet (white) 1, field service cap 1, toque 1; frock (rifle serge unlined) 2, trousers (serge) 2, frock (kharki) 1 pair, leggings (leather) 1 pair, boots 2 pairs, shirts (under) 1, drawers 1 pair, abdominal bandage 1, jerseys woolen 1, shoes (canvas) 1 pair; brushes - cloth 1, hair 1, blacking 1, polishing 1, shaving one. Razors, spoons knives and forks, holdalls, housewives, combs, large and small clasp knives, 1 of each. Towels 2, soap (pieces) 2, socks (woolen) 4 pairs, blacking, (tins) 1.

The kharki trousers are semi-knickerbocker. Between the knee and the boots "puttees" of blue serge will be wound. The "puttee" is of light texture, and is about six feet long, two and one-half inches wide, and furnishes an excellent support to the calf of the leg.

There was a Public Meeting and Banquet October 23, 1899. Photographs of the contingent were taken by Westlake Bros., Charlottetown. The troops left October 25, 1899.

The Daily Examiner, October 25, 1899:

Long writeup on the departure of the troops. Private Rodd was made sergeant of the contingent temporarily.

The Daily Examiner, October 26, 1899:

Nine more volunteers were enrolled by Col. Moore, after being examined by Dr. Warburton

William M Harris, No. 3 Co, 82nd Batt

Arthur F. Trainor No 3 Co., 82nd Batt

Alfred John Holl, No 1 Co, 4th Regt. C. A.

Wm. John Proud, No 1 Co., 4th Regt. C. A.

William E. Coombs, Engineers

William C. Cook, Engineers

Robert Horne, Engineers

John L. Robertson, Engineers

George Arbuckle, No. 2, Co. 4th Regt. C.A.

Wm. Alexander McEachern, No 1 Co., 4th Regt Artly

John Thomas Gordon, Engineers

Wallace McLeod, No 2 Co. 4th Regt C. A

John W. Boulter, No. 8 Co., 82nd Batt.


Still many volunteers, but only a few were enrolled.

The Daily Examiner, October 27, 1899:

Word came that no one was needed for a Second Contingent so these last were mustered out.

1 Killed at Parrdeberg, 1900 [Photo]

The Daily Examiner, October 30, 1899:

"Corporal Charles Hine went to the Transvaal in the place of one of the men who did not come up to requirements. He is an A1 man, having served with the regualr Canadian troops at Fredericton and Halifax. He is a son of Mr. Henry Hine of this city." with picture.

The Daily Examiner, October 31, 1899:

Photgraph of Rev. T. F. Fullerton of St. James' Church was appointed Protestant Chaplain to the Canadian Contingent. Souris: Arthur J. B. Mellish, son of T. Mellish. Esq., has volunteered and gone to South Africa. Also Messrs. Leslie and McCarthy.

The Daily Examiner, Dec. 5, 1899:

Major Stewart last evening received a message from Cape Town stating that Islanders in the Canadian Contingent are well.

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