The Farquharson Tax Act - Names of the Applicants to Sell Liquor, 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Daily Examiner, June 1, 1899


Up to twelve o'clock today, the following applications to sell liquor under the provisions of the act passed at the last session of Legislature were granted, each petitioner having to pay the sum of $100:

John Byrne, Richmond Street.

Peter C. Benoit, Water Street.

Geo. B. Callaghan, Kent Street.

Philip Curley, Grafton Street.

Chas. D. Collings, Richmond Street.

Thomas Campbell, Queen Street.

James Connolly, Upper Pownal Street.

Francis P. McCarron, Richmond Street.

Edward Cullen, Pownal Street.

Andrew Doyle, Grafton Street.

Elmira Downing, Great George Street.

Austin Hewitt, Queen Street.

Sarah Jane Higgins, Great George Street.

William Hawkins, Pownal Street.

John Hughes & Fred Langton(?), Queen Street.

John Hughes, Water Street.

John P. Joy, Great George Street.

John McKenna, Queen Street.

John Kelly, King Street.

Francis McKenna, Queen Street.

Henry Kelly, Queen Street.

A. N. Large, Queen Street.

P. P. Gillis, Sydney Street.

Geo. Mutch, Queen Street.

Angus Macdonald, Queen Street.

Geo. A. Essory, Grafton Street.

Andrew F. Murphy, Kent Street.

James Offer, Queen Street.

Geo. Offer, Sydney Street.

Bernard O'Callaghan, Dorchester Street.

James Steele, Great George Street.

Patrick Trainor, Richmond Street.

Mary Jane McMillan, Water Street.

H. G. Murphy, Great George Street.

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