Lobster Packing, Tignish-Cape North, 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

In The Daily Examiner, for April 24, 1899, from the pages of L'Impartial.

Lobster packing operations are going on most actively. For this season there are 13 fishing establishments between Tignish and Cape North, viz., M. McElroy, J. A. Brennan, Sylvain Gallant, J. H. Myrick & Co., Portland Packing Co., J. C. McCarthy, Portland Packing Co., Charles Vienneau, Charles Matthews, Robert Bell, Charles Bennett, J. H. Myrick & Co., John Agnew.

21 from North Cape to Miminigash: A. F. Larkin, Capt. Jas. McGrath, Alfonsus Phee, J. J. Myrick & Co., Jerry H. McGarry, J. H. Myrick & Co., Fidele T. Bernard, A. F. Larkin, John Dalton, John M. Doucette, Robert Bell, D. Corbett, Portland Packing Co., William Gaudet, Joseph Doucette, H. J. Pinneau, Robblee, Matheson, Gallant, Charles Vienneau, Fabien Pitre.

From Tignish to Cascumpec: J. H. Myrick, L. H. McLeod, Ahearn and Kirwan, Woodman Bros., John Ahearn, J. H. Myrick & Co., Woodman Bros., Whelan & Co., J. H. Myrick & Co., S. Ivan Arsenault, John McCabe.

Total 45.

About 2000 persons will be employed in these factories this season.

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