Commencement Exercises of St. Joseph's Convent, 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner for June 23, 1899.

Commencement Exercises of St. Joseph's Convent.

Grand Chorus


Chorus of the Flowers

The Little Ones


Miss G. Griffith

Solo and Chorus

Gentle Words


The Battle of the Books


Miss M. Morgan




Miss B. Wynne

Solo and Chorus



Miss G. Hennessey.

God Save the Queen


Special Prizes:

Donated by His Lordship Bishop Macdonald, Rev. Fathers Morrison, McLean, McMillan, T. Curran, Mrs. Blake, Mr. D. Reddin and Mr. Driscoll to the pupils of St. Joseph's Convent.


Christian Doctrine - Equally merited by Misses M. Corcoran, E. Dougan. Drawn by M. Corcoran.

Honorable Mention - Miss G. Hennessey, A. McGonnell, M. Pidgeon, A. Croake and M. Dougan.

Assiduity- Equally merited by M. Dougan, M. Corcoran, A. Croake, E. Dougan. Drawn by M. Dougan.

Book Keeping- Equally merited by A. Croake, E. Dougan, M. Corcoran, M. Dougan. Drawn by Miss A. Croake. Honorable Mention- G. Hennessey, L. Trainor, A. McGonnell, M. Pidgeon.

Plain Sewing- Equally merited by Misses G. Hennessey and M. Corcoran.


Deportment- Equally merited by Misses L. Murphy, I. Finley, M. Bradley. Drawn by Miss L. Murphy.

Christian Doctrine- Awarded to Miss M. Giles, L. Brems.

Assiduity-Equally merited by Misses M. Morgan, M. Toole. Drawn by Miss M. Morgan.

Domestic Economy- Equally merited by Misses G. Dougan, W. Curley, M. Callaghan, M. McLean, M. Bradley. Drawn by Miss G. Dougan.


Christian Doctrine- Equally merited by Misses B. Wynne, J. Costello, I. Dougan. Drawn by Miss J. Costello.

Deportment - Equally merited by Misses M. J. Wilson, A. Finley, M. Doiron and S. Monaghan. Drawn by Miss M. J. Wilson.

Highest marks for English- Awarded to Miss B. Wynne.

Honorable Mention- Misses A. Finley, A. Lee, M. Doiron, V. Purcell.

Plain Sewing- Equally merited by Miss S. J. Monaghan, M. J. Wilson, M. Doiron, B. Wynne, V. Purcell, L. Edmonds, E. Keenan, A. Lee, A. McGee, A. Finley, Mary Doiron and J. Costello. Awarded to Miss S. J. Monaghan.

Assiduity- Awarded to I. Dougan. Honorable mention- M. J. Wilson and M. White.

FOURTH CLASS- Christian Doctrine-Equally merited by Misses B. Kavanagh, E. McGuire, M. Dougan and G. Costello. Drawn by Miss B. Kavanagh.

Arithmetic-Equally merited by Misses M. Toole, M. Morgan, M. Bradley, G. Dougan. Drawn by Miss Toole. Honorable mention-Misses Loretta Steele, L. Brems, E. Dougan, M. Callaghan, M. Giles, W. Curley.

Deportment-Equally merited by Miss E. M. Steele, R. Toole, G. Wilson, M. Dougan, E. McGuire, M. Murphy and M. Lynch. Drawn by Miss G. Wilson.

Reading- Equally merited by Misses B. Brown, B. Kavanagh, A. Trainor, M. Murphy, E. M. Steele, R. Toole. Drawn by Miss E. M. Steele.

Domestic Economy-Equally merited by Misses J. King, M. Murray, T. Doyle, G. Costello, M. Doucette and G. Wilson. Awarded to Miss M. G. Costello.


Christian Doctrine- Awarded to Miss C. Martin.

Arithmetic- Awarded to Miss Macdonald.

Reading-Awarded to Miss F. Curley.


Reading-Awarded to Misses M. McMillan, E. Campbell, A. G. Callaghan, and E. M. Dougherty

Assiduity-Awarded to Miss J. Cameron.

A beautiful silver medal has been presented by Reverend Father Kelly, Lapeer, Michigan, which will be awarded next year as the course is not yet completed.


From The Daily Examiner for June 26, 1899

St. Joseph's Convent,

List of Prizes Awarded in the Boys Department.

Special prize for conduct awarded to Claude Blake.

Special prize for assiduity awarded to Harry Jenkins.


Reading and arithmetic- Thomas McCloskey.

Christian doctrine -Hugh Monaghan.


Reading and Arithmetic - Louis Blake.

Christian Doctrine and Penmanship - Harry Jenkins.

Spelling and Penmanship- Willie McInnis.

Geography and Arithmetic - John Duffy.

Second Division.

Reading - Frank Monaghan.

Writing - Charles Trainor.

Arithmetic - Claude Burke.


Christian Doctrine - Bertie McDonald.

Application- Arthur Monaghan.

Reading - Eddie Cullen.

Spelling and Reading- Eddie McQuaid.

Arithmetic - Thomas Doyle.

Penmanship - Cyril McDonald.

Application - George Doucette, Frank Duffy, Charles Lynch.

Second Division.

Reading and Writing- Loy McDonald.

Spelling- Charlie McDonald.

Application- Willie Doucette, Reginald McDonald, Walter Vassallo, James Trainor, Willie Vassallo, Reggie McDonald.

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