Teachers' Examinations and Certificates, 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, June 14, 1899

Results of Recent Examinations


Total number if marks, 1400; necessary to obtain a license, 840.

William Cameron, St. Dunstan's, 1197

Malcolm McKinnon, Heatherdale, 1144

Ernest Edwards, North Wiltshire, 1124

Lulu Robertson, Charlottetown, 1119

Murdock McPhee, Heatherdale, 1115

Melville Donald, Park Corner, 1084

A. D. McArthur, New Dominion, 1084

Arthur Cameron, Montague, 1076

Wheelock Fitzgerald, Kildare Cape, 1039

Violet Goldsmith, Alberton, 1016

Eliza McKelvie, Kensington, 992

Leslie McDuff, Brookfield, 992

Olive Linkletter, Fifteen Point, 991

Austin Bradley, St. Dunstan's, 974

J. J. Campbell, Greenvale, 961

Cecil Prowse, Murray Harbor South, 952

Alvin Doherty, St. Eleanor's, 941

Claude F. V. Bent, St. Dunstan's, 934

Hedley Auld, Covehead, 919

Montgomery Owen, Malpeque, 915

Colin Callbeck, Crapaud, 912

Melissa Manderson, Hamilton, 911

Frederica Campbell, Park Corner, 910

Hugh Wilson, New Dominion, 901

John Desroche, Wheatley River, 892

George Bradley, St. Dunstan's, 869

Bernard Macdonald, St. Dunstan's, 868

Jennie Leard, North Carleton, 864

Marin Gallant, St. Dunstan's, 863

Thomas Stretch, New Dominion, 860

Hugh Campbell, Dundas, 853

Anson Leard, Alberton, 850

Benjamin Roberts, Murray Harbor South, 847

Katie Murchison, Malpeque Road, 838

George Matthews, Baltic, 836.




Candidates for first class license who have obtained second class:

Mary Campbell, Uigg, 825

Isabella Hutchison, Central Lot 16, 825

George Burhoe, Alexandria, 819

Jas. C. Macdonald, St. Dunstan's, 807

Joseph McPherson, St. Dunstan's, 804

Leo Monaghan, St. Dunstan's, 804

Walter Ross, Kinross, 792

May Dorsey, Charlottetown,779

Francis Macdonald, St. Dunstan's, 777

Samuel J. Nicholson, Souris, 774

Winifred Dalton, Tignish, 773

James Profit, Kensington, 769

John Foley, St. Dunstan's, 767

John McFadyen, New Haven, 743

Ida Christopher, Tignish, 718

John A Nicholson, Souris, 703

Ella Dorsey, Charlottetown. (No mark)

Bessie Smith, Newtown

Daniel McKinnon, Highfield.

Celia Burrows, Summerside.



Total number of marks, 1400; necessary to pass, 840.

Cyril Williams, Poplar Grove, 1210

Arthur McQuaid, Souris, 1162

Daniel McDonald, Greenvale, 1121

Jessie Mullaly, Souris, 1103

John F. Mooney, Greenvale, 1102

Daniel McPherson, Valleyfield, 1059

William Gordon, Cardigan, 1046

Robert Hunter, Kensington, 1042

A. J. McAdam, St. Dunstan's, 1039

Alfred McGregor, Alexandria, 1038

Peter Aylward, Waterford, 1032

Herbert Huntley, Vernon River Bridge, 1031

Horace Lowe, Charlottetown, 1027

Milton Crosby, Marshfield, 1026

Mary Ann McGee, Brookvale, 1008

Ada Andrews, Ebenezer, 985

Nazaire Poirier, St. Dunstan's, 985

Howard Farquharson, Mount Herbert, 976

Henri Doucet, St. Dunstan's, 985

Nora LeFurgey, St. Eleanor's, 970

Wilfred Boulter, Victoria, 960

Leeming Murphy, Stanley Bridge, 960

Christina Long, Malpeque Road, 960

Leonard Boundy, Winsloe, 957

Johanna McKelvie, Kensington, 947

Albert Walker, Kensington, 934

Stanislaus Pitre, St. Dunstan's, 928

Lemuel Ackland, Hampshire, 924

Allison Campbell, Victoria, 920

John D. McLeod, Grand View, 909

Hughina Campbell, Strathalbyn, 908

George W. McPhee, Canoe Cove, 901

Patrick McKenna, St. Dunstan's, 897

Clotilda Ready, Tignish, 894

Beatrice Ramsay, Chilton, 887

Jennie Campbell, Summerside, 884

Belonie Peters, St. Dunstan's, 881

Annie Lockhart, St. Eleanor's 880

Wilbert McDonald, East Royalty, 877

Gertrude McNeill, Summerside, 874

Minnie McKenzie, Eldon, 869

Martha Brown, New Glasgow, 867

Mamie Burdge, Fortune Road, 867

Olive Peters, Rollo Bay, 863

Alice Gillis, Murray Harbour, 858

Winnie Wadman, Crapaud, 855

Jas. P Heron, Webster's Corners, 846

Ada McKenna, Lincoln, 843

Louise Malone, Miscouche, 842

Lutie Muttart, Fifteen Point, 838

J. S. Gordon, Cascumpec, 837

Catherine McGillvray, Vernon River Bridge, 836

Lemuel McGregor, Summerside, 834.


On Supplementary Examination: CLASS I.

George Noonan, Albany.


Laura Dunphy, Morell

Sadie McAulay, Tracadie

Christopher McGuigan, St. Mary's Road

James Hayes, Souris

Heber Smith, Roseneath

Alexander Palmer, Freeland

Lily Bryenton, Brackley Point Road.



Entitled to Supplementary Examination: CLASS I

Eva Dyer, Alberton, (in Algebra) 864.


Edith Sterns, Morell, (in Arithmetic) 944.

Albert A Mooney, Greenvale, (in Algebra and Latin) 923.

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