The Northwest Mounted Police, 1900

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The Northwest Mounted Police

As printed in the Daily Examiner of March 24, 1900

Island Recruits Left Last Night - Railway Station Crowded.

The railway station presented a very animated appearance last evening when the men for the Mounted Police departed for the West. Among the recruits were two Prince of Wales College students and the college yell was heard now and then. Yesterday six new men were enrolled, making the total number thirty-three. The men were in charge of Sergeant Byrne, who will take them on to Regina. A large number applied yesterday, from whom the last six on the following list of those who left were accepted:

James Moody Constable, Long River,

Robert Bruce Leard, Victoria,

John Wakeling, Charlottetown,

Charles Moore, Charlottetown,

John Cornfoot, Charlottetown,

Leslie Ellsworth Seller, Charlottetown

Elwin Day, Victoria,

Leslie Edmond Baker, Freetown,

James Henry Blackett, Souris,

George St. John Souris

James Cahill, Fairview,

Thoms. Wm. White, Highfield,

George Leslie Webster, Charlottetown,

Cyrus Peters, North Rustico,

John Russel Bernard, Long River,

James Huestis Watts, Highfield,

John Joseph Westaway, Lower Montague,

William Morley Seller, Charlottetown,

William Walter Davison, Charlottetown,

Lewis J. A. McDonald, Montague Bridge,

Seymour Farquharson, Southport,

Walter Alfred Crockett, Pleasant Grove,

Arthur Waldron Roper, Royalty

John Learment, Souris,

John (Jimmy?) McLeod, Ch=town,

Lemuel Stewart, Union Road,

Geo. Whitfield McIntosh, Victoria,

Neil Nicholson, Flat River,

Sidney Scott Munroe, Alberry Plains,

John McLennan, Park Corner,

Alf. Daniel Mullin, Ten Mile House,

William Lowe, Charlottetown,

Louis Large, Charlottetown.


Mr. Walter Davison before leaving was presented with an address and a dressing case by the first Methodist church choir. He also received a present from the employees of Weeks & Co., and one from the Methodist Sunday-school.

March 27, 1900...FOR MOUNTED POLICE B Among the passengers by the Stanley this morning were five young men from Wheatley River, Arch. Gregor, Kenneth Matheson, William Matheson and others. It was their intention to have joined the Northwest Mounted Police here, but finding themselves too late, left for the West via Boston for the purpose of enlisting.

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