1900 Garden Social

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

1900 Garden Social

From The Daily Examiner, July 24, 1900


The following is a list of the ladies in charge of the tea and garden social at Watermere today in aid of the Charlottetown Hospital:

General Treasurer - Mrs. Judge Reddin.

Ice Cream Booth -

Mrs. Conroy,

Mrs. J. H. (?) Gallagher,

Mrs. Jenkins,

Mrs. John Bryne,

Mrs. Desmond,

Mrs. Peters,

Miss E. Stapleton,

Miss B. Sullivan,

Miss F. Cronan,

Miss C. Doiron,

Miss A. McQuaid,

Miss Lizzie Halloran,

Miss Lottie Halloran,

Miss Benoit,

Miss Katie Butler,

Miss Bertie Brown,

Miss Ryan,

Miss M. A. Trainor.



Treasurer - Miss Josie Smith.

Refreshment Table -

Mrs. Angus McDonald,

Mrs. Robin,

Mrs. Waddell,

Mrs. Hewitt,

Mrs. P. G. Hughes,

Mrs. (Capt.) Hanton,

Miss Mary McKenna,

Miss Mary Arnold,

Miss Katie Wilson,

Miss Nellie Robin,

Miss Maggie McEachern,

Miss Maisie Coady,

Miss Ida Doyle,

Miss Minnie Dalton.



Treasurer - Miss Mary Bryne.

Tea Table -

Mrs. M. Blake,

Mrs. D. Ryan,

Mrs. Jas. Eden,

Mrs. (Dr.) Kelly,

Mrs. Jas. Byrne,

Mrs. C. Lyons,

Mrs. Doyle,

Mrs. Higgins.

Treasurer - Miss B. Hornsby.


Referee - Thomas Trainor.

Starter - Picton S. Brown.

Judges - Philip A. Duffy, James Clinton, W. J. Brown.

Timer - C. J. Mitchell.

Announcer - Louis McIntyre.

Cake Auctioneer - Mr. George Oland.

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